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March/April 2016 Flexitanks & Bulk Liners BULKDISTRIBUTOR 19 UWL launches its own flexitank A sset-based freight forwarder UWL officially launched its proprietary flexitank in January. The firm claims the UWL FlexiTank - along with current third party offerings that the company already has in place - improves quality and expands options for clients while saving them money. UWL’s Chris Booij, global & Europe director for UWL FlexiTanks & Bulk Liquid Logistics, cited this as an important addition to the company’s growing services. “With the expansion of our bulk liquid offerings, we are able to provide competitive products and services for our growing global customer base in the bulk liquid industry. This allows us to meet, and often, exceed their goals, objectives and expectations. “We do not strive for the highest market share in the industry, but instead, simply to provide the best customer service,” he commented. Booij further claimed that the UWL FlexiTank product line offers a unique, competitive advantage. “Through our expertise and dedication, we are able to make a difference in our customers’ business. Our structure as an asset-based forwarder allows us to offer cross-functional products and services in order to minimise costs and maximise effectiveness and efficiency.” Steve Williams, the firm’s regional director, North America, expanded on the network and expertise of its staff. “Operating as a global NVOCC, UWL offers a ready-built operating network and infrastructure staffed with seasoned logistics professionals that are able to provide supply chain solutions to the chemical, food and logistics management industry on a worldwide basis,” he commented. “UWL FlexiTanks as a packaging alternative for bulk liquid transport is a natural fit for our already extensive scope of service offerings. This provides our customers with a ‘one-stop-shop’, but with the same professionalism and dedication to excellence that all UWL clients have come to expect.” www.shipuwl.com/flexitanks Relief for Tunisian olive oil BT Pack on the rise O F f interest to flexitank producers and operators the European Parliament backed backed emergency plans to allow an additional 70,000 tonnes of the country’s virgin olive oil to be imported duty free in the EU in 2016/17. The move is designed to help strengthen Tunisia’s economy, which has been badly hit terrorist attacks, affecting its tourism industry, a vital foreign currency earner. However, MEPs also inserted requirements for the EU Commission to do a mid-term assessment of the effects of the measures, update them if it turns out that they harm EU olive oil producers, and ensure that the imports are tracked from start to finish. The emergency quota was approved by 475 votes to 126. “Tunisia has come a long way since the Arab Spring, as one of the rare countries which has truly achieved a democratic transition,” said rapporteur French Liberal MEP Marielle de Sarnez in the debate before the vote. “However, it has been a target of terrorist attacks precisely because it is on its way to consolidating its democracy. These attacks had an awful impact on the tourism sector and the wider economy at a time when Tunisians were already battling a tough economic crisis, with a high unemployment rate among young and educated people. This is why it is crucial that the EU should express its solidarity with the Tunisian people. We want Tunisia to succeed, and must help with concrete measures that boost its economy immediately.” rance-based BT Pack claims it is on the way to being the third largest flexitank supplier in European market. The company’s boss Mehmet Yildiz says the success of the company is thanks to the “high quality services we provide to our customers”. In particular, BT Pack’s has a team of on-site fitters deployed to its largest customers in Europe, particularly in France where teams fit flexitanks every day and load them. “This is highly appreciated by customers bec W6R'@