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18 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Flexitanks & Bulk Liners March/April 2016 New liner aims to optimise tank container usage S ingle use flexitanks and bulk liners for dry freight containers have been in use for decades. Now, an American company TankBag has launch a single use liner for ISO tank containers. The TankBag liner is loaded and discharged by a pump using a loading hose through the manlid. The simple loading process will be completed in 30-45 minutes, says the firm. Discharging is straightforward and takes approximately the same amount of time. The product is manufactured using a high-quality food-grade polyethylene, made from 100 percent virgin resin. The polypropylene valve, coupling and flang es are all made using proprietary moulds by TankBag (USA) LLC. The company says the product provides all the strength and safety of an ISO tank plus the tested and proven product safety of the TankBag. A major benefit, claims the manufacturer, is that it eliminates prior cargo restrictions critical for product integrity and cleaning costs for tough to clean products. “It’s becoming more and more The TankBag liner is loaded and discharged by a pump using a loading hose through the manlid. Loading takes 30-45 minutes. Discharging takes approximately the same amount of time difficult for operators to provide the right tank, in the right place,” said Waldemar Finke, general manager. “TankBag areas where cleaning is not an option, or where and the bulk liquid logistics industry as a whole. enhanced with TankBag and is backed by the provides essentially a brand new tank for every the cost of cleaning is prohibitive. It will “We have examples where shippers using IBCs tested and proven approach of our R&D load, meeting FOSFA, FDA, EU Food, and Kosher dramatically reduce the number of empty due to product integrity issues can now realise the methodology and manufacturing process.” requirements, as well as sensitive pharmaceutical container transports while increasing fleet economies of scale achieved with ISO tanks,” he TankBag (USA) LLC is a subsidiary of World product requirements. “Furthermore, it enables utilisation,” Finke added. commented. “So this innovation can also have the Shipping Inc, a 55 years old freight services firm, operators to have a clean tank available without Fred Hunger, TankBag’s CEO, said the product is impact of expanding the tank container market. headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. expensive positioning, providing clean tanks in a “game changer” for tank shippers, operators, All the strength and safety of the Tank is now www.tankbag.net