Bulk Distributor Mar/Apr 16 - Page 15

FIBCs & Bagging March/April 2016 BULKDISTRIBUTOR 15 Dividing against the spoils B ulk bags are a popular solution for transporting and storing bulk goods. However, the proper handling of the bags presents logistics experts with a number of challenges. For example, bulk bags filled with powder and granules tend to shift, causing the bags to sag. And if wooden pallets are used, nails, splinters or sharp edges often come into play. A consequence is that bags are damaged quickly and bulk goods spill out. Forklift arms can also be problematic. They often tear the bags when pallets are unstacked quickly. The arms of an industrial truck are guided safely into the four-sided fork shafts, ensuring damage-free handling of FIBCs The BigBag Divider enables steady positioning and safe transport for bulk bags Cabka-IPS says it has recognised this challenge and developed the BigBag Divider — a solution tailored to real world applications. Its main element is four-sided fork shafts enabling safe and easy stacking and unstacking by industrial truck. The tunnel design protects the bags from contact with the fork arms, which can easily move in and out of the robust guidings. Cabka-IPS says the divider is free from splinters and sharp edges to protect the bags stacked in this manner against abrasion and tearing. Splinters and nails in wooden pallets may damage the bulk bags so bulk goods could spill Versatile loading equipment The specially designed contact surface makes the divider suitable for conveying systems Thorsten Lenz, R&D managing director of Cabka Group, explained that the concept evolved from a request by a large US company which was looking for a transport alternative for wooden pallets. “In addition, there were requests from other parts of the world, all pointing in a similar direction,” he said. “Thanks to our global footprint we were able to bundle this information and develop the BigBag Divider with localised variants which were tested on site with our partners.” The divider is available in dimensions of 1,016mm × 1,016mm × 137mm and 1,092mm × 1,092mm × 137mm. Its flat and stable contact surface is ideal for automated conveying systems, the company says. Specially raised edges prevent bags from slipping or overlapping, further reducing the risk of damage. BULKDISTRIBUTOR The company says the loading equipment opens up significant potential for cost savings because Cabka-IPS custom-designed it for block stacking. In addition, the unit is very flexible. As a disposable low-cost option, it is made from recycled PO plastic while the polyethylene HDPE version is ideal for reusable bags, logis F