Bulk Distributor Mar/Apr 16 - Page 13

Components March/April 2016 Africa opportunities for Gardner Denver S outhern Africa continues to be a source of considerable activity and success for Gardner Denver Transport. Together with its distribution network the company is making significant inroads into various industries and market sectors. For over 30 years, Gardner Denver has successfully traded in Southern Africa, a success achieved in partnership with Flow Safe Equipment, GD Equipment SA and Knorr Bremse SA with the range of equipment being prevalent in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia. The partnership with Flow Safe Equipment, now running for more than 30 years and headed by managing director Shane Fitzgerald is a great example. Together with Gardner Denver the partnership has seen success in the sale and installation of equipment for the dry bulk, liquid transfer, animal feed, milk collection and fuel distribution sectors. BULKDISTRIBUTOR 13 Cabinet selection E mco Wheaton has come up with two new products which the company says will make the process of delivering bulk liquids safer, quicker and more effective. With the EW Selector and the Combi-Cabinet, operators no longer have to travel along the API envelope of the vehicle in order to operate the system, as all the controls are at hand. Following extensive field trials, the firm says client feedback has been positive. Driver coach Bobby Blaire, based out of BP’s Grangemouth, UK terminal, has been trialling the equipment and is happy with the additional safety the EW Selector offers. “If there’s a failure you are right at the point of control and it’s much safer,” he said. “You can visualise and see what you’re doing every step of the way, from a control perspective, it’s much better.” Both the EW Selector and the Combi-Cabinet were designed to be retrofitted onto tankers already in the field or provided as part of a new tanker system. Equally important, bo