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10 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Tank Containers Lower standard tank orders hit CIMC 20 tanks for Liquid Concept W L eak demand for new standard tank containers was reflected in CIMC Enric’s annual figures, which were published in March. The group’s chemical equipment division, which covers tank container manufacturing, saw revenue decrease by 19.9 percent in 2015 to RMB2.7 million (US$0.4 million) due to a fall in the sales volume of standard tanks which more than offset an increase in demand for special tank containers during the year. In recent years, the chemical equipment division has recorded modest growth on the back of previous years’ global economic recovery. In 2014, as the average selling price of tank containers was decreasing, customers purchased more units for inventory. But, in 2015 the slowdown in global economic growth continued to impact on the chemical industry, and the standard tank container business has experienced cyclical fluctuations of the chemical market. Moving into 2016, CIMC Enric says growth in standard tank containers is expected to slow down in the difficult economic environment. Due to the recent fall in steel prices, the major raw material cost, the group expects the average selling price of tanks will remain under pressure in 2016. In 2016 CIMC Enric says growth in standard tank containers is expected to slow down in the difficult economic environment The firm said it will step up efforts to develop the market for special and high-end tanks, such as LNG units. For standard tanks, CIMC Enric reckons there are still some bright prospects in the group’s Service BV in 2015, the firm has increased its home country of China. Tank container market presence in the European market, and has gained penetration in China is still relatively low, and so access to advanced technologies for repair and offers potential for market growth. modification of tank containers there. In addition, following theDistributor_134mmWidth acquisition of Burg www.cimc.com MarchApril Issue_Bulk x 196mmHeight_Crane Composites.pdf 1 3/15/2016 9:03:27 AM Revolutionized Tank Cladding AXSG | A Superior Tank Cladding by Crane Composites value engineered, high quality cladding that reduces maintenance and repair costs HIGH FLEX STRENGTH & MODULUS LIGHT WEIGHT CMY K iquid Concept has acquired an additional 20 tank containers. After having established its IBC business within a short time, Liquid Concept is now responding to an increase in demand for integrated logistics services by investing heavily in its pool of tank containers. The current purchases amount to an investment of €500,000. With the addition of the new tanks containers, the Hamburg-based company now has a total of 50 on offer. Of the 20 new tanks acquired, 15 have already been rented out to customers. They can be used, not just for transport, but also where additional storage capacity is needed short term. The tanks can be configured to adapt to individual clients’ requirements. Foodstuffs producers will use the tanks primarily for filling with chocolate, cacao products, fruit juices and glucose, to be delivered mainly to companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for onward processing. “Through our new investments we are responding to the requirements of the market and to the increase in demand for special transport containers,” said Ulrich Schnoor, managing director. “This gives us the opportunity both to build up our existing business further and to achieve deep-reaching synergies with our clients’ CORROSION RESISTANT PUNCTURE RESISTANT Join our expanding customer base y ma Da rk e R N Ag Ho E S Website: www.cranecomposites.com/axsgtanks | Email: internationalsales@cranecomposites.com Liquid Concept now has a total of 50 tanks on offer logistics processes – with the added benefit of improving handling even more.” www.liquid-concept.eu Dormagen expansion for Hoyer H oyer is planning to expand its container terminal at the Chempark in Dormagen. The new terminal is scheduled for completion in January 2017 and should enable storage capacity to be enlarged by 624 tank containers. Hoyer has already submitted the corresponding approval documents to the relevant Cologne district government and expects publication of the application pursuant to the German Federal Pollution Control Act in the near future. The container terminal is needed for supply and disposal to/from the production operations in the chempark. Ulrich Grätz, Hoyer’s director of supply chain solutions, said: “It goes without saying that the new terminal will meet the highest safety standards. Among other things it will have bunds and a fire alarm and extinguishing system.” The hazardous substance classes that are to be stored remain unchanged. The investment volume amount s to several million euros. Hoyer will create around five new jobs by expanding the terminal. The planned enlargement will cause scarcely any additional traffic load at the entrance gates, since the majority of the transports will take place within the works. Chempark’s manager Dr Ernst Grigat stressed the project’s importance for the locality. “The producer companies will also GAC will support Hoyer as agency partner in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa letain er CY ag MY li m Y CM er M IMPACT RESISTANT 7,000+ tanks in service C March/April 2016 continue to make substantial investments in the business operations, and for that they need welldeveloped logistics. That’s why we are delighted with Hoyer’s plans, because they support Chempark’s integrated logistics,” Grigat said. In another development, Hoyer has appointed global marine services group GAC as its official agency partner in 17 countries in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Africa. GAC will support Hoyer within the deep sea business unit in processing shipments by road, rail and sea in these regions. The appointment gives Hoyer a presence at locations where it has no official branch offices. The locations covered through the collaboration with GAC include: Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Angola, Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Togo. Ortwin Nast, Hoyer’s CEO, said: “With GAC we have found a professional partner in a region that is important to us, and we look forward to a successful collaboration.” As well as chemicals, the products to be handled by the partnership will also include foods, gases and petroleum. www.hoyer-group.com