Bulk Distributor Jul/Aug 16 - Page 6

6 Tank Containers BULKDISTRIBUTOR Fleet investment for VTG V VTG says its new tanks will be of use for operations in Asia where demand remains high TG Tanktainer has invested in 1,300 new tank containers to boost its fleet since May 2016. The new build programme amounts to €18 million of investment, and the VTG subsidiary says it emphasises its commitment to safety and quality, as well as allowing customers to benefit from a modern and technically sophisticated tank container fleet. “With this new-build programme, we’re reacting to the current market situation and simultaneously preparing for the future,” explained Heike Clausen, managing director of VTG Tanktainer GmbH. To satisfy the various technical requirements of each customer quickly and flexibly, the company is producing tanks that conform to high-quality unit specifications. About 1,000 standard T11 20ft tank containers were built for VTG by Singamas. In particular, these new-builds will be of use in transport operations within Asia, where market demand remains high, added VTG. The operator has also commissioned the construction of highquality tanks in South Africa and Belgium, which, for example, are fitted with integrated surge plates or electric heating, or which would allow the transport of hydrogen peroxide. “Our customers are not the only ones who expect state-of-the-art equipment,” added Clausen. “We have, of course, made it our mission to transport highly sensitive goods of this sort in the safest way possible. That’s where our competence lies.” July/August 2016 Abbey continues intermodal growth U K firm Abbey Logistics Group is adding to its intermodal presence by purchasing 10 more tank containers from a Chinese manufacturer. The latest delivery adds to Abbey’s existing fleet of bulk intermodal silos, which transport foodstuffs from France to the UK. Since starting on its growth strategy in 2009, Abbey has expanded from turnover of £18 million to £45 million, according to its latest set of accounts to June 2015, some £5 million ahead of its forecast turnover. Part of its growth has come as a result of growing its volumes with customers based in continental Europe and the group has ambitious plans to continue this growth. Managing director Steve Granite said: “Continental Europe has long been a marketplace we planned to grow into and despite [the Brexit vote], we are still confident that with our existing and new clients we can increase our share of the Europe-UK market. “The latest delivery of ISO tank containers will enable us to operate more efficiently versus driver a 66VB&BF氧6WF2vrW2Fw&rW"&WB6&RvR7G&vǐWV7BF&R7&V6rW"FW&F6FW"fVWBfW"FP6֖rV'22vR&V6R&R6WFFfRF2&WB@vWr'W6W72( Фw&FR6FVVB'WFƖrFRFWfVVB2f"FP'W6W72fW"FRWBffRV'22vV2w&vrG26&PFW7F2'W6W72'VƲƗVBBvFW"G&7'BFP66WV7G2F6VR7G&rw&wFg&G2v&VW6pBWW&VFW"F6FW"Ff62( Ė7&V6rW"FW&FfVWB67W'G2W"W6琧fVRb&fFrw&VVW"v7F726WF2( RFFVBࠤ'W7FƖrfvPP&F'2FRD4F6FW"fvRBFP&VG&7'Bv7F26W&F6v&W'FVB7V66W76gVF&VRF2FR6V6BFbFRWfVBD4v2&W&W6VFVBB6fW&V6R( FWfVVBG&VG2B'GVFW26( 2&FW26V֖62v7F7>( FR'FB7V&V7@b6V֖6v7F726fWGB&VwVF2v2&W6VFVB'&ƒFWWGt4446V֖6v7F72BvVW&vW"444eDrFFW"VrvVW&vW"Fr42FWVVBf7W6VBFRF6FW &WBvF&WfWrbFR&VVfG2bF6FW'06&VBvFFW"FW2bG&7'BFFb#V&W'2W&FVBBF2V.( 2D4fvRখ7&V6Rb#W&6VB#Bࠥ6fR2&&vW0РVFƖ'G2V6VBG2Wr6W'f6Rf"FvW&W0vG2Dw2G&7'BBFR&VvrbVǒǒfW"W&6VBbDw276rF&VvFR6WFW&g&6P'Bb'6VW2&R6'&VBFFV"fFW7FF'@vFW'vFW7FRFR'B&Vr6GVFVBBFRWFbFP&fW"&;FRRbFRvW7Bfv&RvFW'v2WW&RF6&BFRFV66r&VBF2VFW"WFƗ6FVFƖ'G2V6VBVFƖ6fRv62F&FPFR6'&vRb6FW&6VBDw2'vFW"fWvrB26fW F'&BvFFRVFƖ'G2w&W&RGv6V'G2( 2'6VW0B<:FR( 2BFR&fW"'G2bǖ267W"6;FR:&6vfVg&6R7W"6;FRfVR7VBfvRFWB@&W2g&7G'V7GW&RvV6W2&;FR6;FRdbB4 6WFRFRƖRWV6VB6F2vVFƖ6fR2rW&FFR&;FRf"Dr6FW"W'G2FRf'7B6W'f6W2&PF2F6W&F&WGvVVFR'G2bǖ2B'6VW2ǖFW&֖B&&vRW&F'2w&VVFBv&;FRFR2F7FF&F6RFRFƖrb6FW&6VBDw0&WGvVVǖ2B'6VW2f2VFƖ6fR62RbFPGfFvW2ƖW2FRGf6RFf6Fb'&fB'Bf6ƗFFrVFFR7W'Bf"Dr6FW'26Rf2BF6ƖgFRv7F7266FW'2vr'&fW &RwV&FVVBRvBǖB6V6BFbFW&֖7F&vR'6VW2VFƖ'G2W2FR66VRvWfVGVǒ&6RFR6&R`&fW"G&7'Bf"Dw2FR&VvF#W&6VBࠠ