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July/August 2016 Industrial Packaging BULKDISTRIBUTOR First IFS for Liquid CONcept L iquid CONcept has been awarded the International Featured Standard Logistics (IFS-Logistics 2.1) certificate from the DEKRA testing organisation for the first time. The IFS guarantees transparency along the entire supply chain by performing tests based on a globally uniform rating system. Liquid CONcept said it meets the requirements for the loading and unloading, storage, and transport of liquid foodstuffs as well as for quality management. The certificate likewise covers IBC logistics, making Liquid CONcept the first company to receive IFS certification for small container transport services. In addition to the requirements for quality management stipulated by the ISO 9001 standard, the checklist of the IFS audit encompasses nearly 100 testing factors, including risk and hygiene management based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). On successful completion of the audit, adherence is monitored annually by an accredited certification body. For the liquid logistics company, the adherence to standards according to IFS, as well as monitoring through independent bodies, is highly important. Product safety, quality, and transparency are the decisive factors for the transport and storage of foodstuffs. The IFS-Logistics 2.1 certificate covers all transport modes and all food-based products, regardless of the temperature at which they are transported. “Our customers from the foodstuffs industry place top priority on continuous process safety,” said Ulrich Schnoor, managing director of Liquid CONcept GmbH & Co KG. “The IFS certificate confirms our high quality standards for logistics services for foodstuffs and reinforces the trust that customers have in us.” The standards of the IFS Logistics cover the minimisation of risks related to foodstuffs and increased transparency. It serves as proof of foodstuff safety and product liability. Liquid CONcept’s range of services covers rental, leasing, fleet management, transport, cleaning and maintenance of IBCs, as well as all logistics services connected with tank containers or tank trailers. The company has an IBC fleet of over 4,000 units. Mauser backing Britain M auser Group has been busy of late in the UK. First, the group acquired Daniels Healthcare Group. Based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, Daniels Healthcare manufactures and markets medical waste containers for hospitals, surgeries, needle exchange schemes, councils and the clinical waste industry. The acquisition is in line with Mauser’s commitment to invest in medical waste and sharps container systems in Europe to provide a broader geographical footprint. “As one of the European market leaders with our WIVA Medical Waste Container System we are more than delighted to offer now the well-established sharps container brand SharpsGuard to our customers,” said Dr Jürgen Scherer, head of the Mauser SBU Europe. Daniels Healthcare is well known for safety, service and support in the handling of infectious waste like needles, syringes and other sharps. The products are commonly used in hospitals, ambulances and laboratories. “We are excited to add Daniels Healthcare’s highly experienced team, products and services to our company,” explained Dr Urs Geisel, head of sales of Mauser SBU Europe. Daniels Healthcare managing director Howard Simler commented: “We have a longstanding re