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Components July/August 2016 BULKDISTRIBUTOR 11 Fort Vale launches coupler for US transfer market E xclusively for the US petroleum transfer market, Fort Vale is launching a new version of its Safeload API bottom loading coupler with an aluminium handle. The new handle reduces the mechanical effort required to open and close the poppet during service, making the Safeload API coupler easy and comfortable to operate, the UK-based component manufacturer says. Ergonomically designed, it has a grab handle to make it even quicker to manoeuvre the coupler onto the tank adapter and a non-slip ball for extra safety during actuation. While the handle is rugged, it is also lightweight and is an available option across the entire Safeload API range, which includes a semi-automatic, a high-pressure and a manual version. The Fort Vale Safeload brand is well-respected in the worldwide fuel terminal industry and has gained a reputation for its rugged durability, security and long-term reliability. Safeload API couplers were the first on the market offering users a three-year warranty on all metal parts. Fort Vale believes that the API coupler offers Hanson opts for Tornado H anson Cement has upgraded its bulk powder fleet to increase carrying capacity. The company has moved away from engine driven blowers mounted on the tanker and opted for tractor-mounted propshaft-driven Gardner Denver Tornado high performance screw compressors. The order for 66 new DAF CF FTP 4050 wheelbase tractor units, all fitted with the GD Tornado screw compressor, has enabled Hanson to increase the payload of each unit by nearly two tons when coupled to the latest Feldbinder non-tipping cement tanker. This will have a major impact on Hanson’s drive to improve efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. The multipurpose GD Tornado was fitted at the Gardner Denver Cross Lane fitting facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, in line with the required delivery schedule of 4-5 vehicles a week. The Tornado screw compressor installation is operating at 750rpm truck engine speed, which provides 700cbm/hour airflow, giving fast and efficient delivery times of the cement from the tanker to the customer’s silo. www.gd-transport.com terminals simple but effective design benefits that improve safety and keep maintenance requirements minimal. Extended triggers cover over 60 percent of the adapter circumference, improving connection and reducing wear on the adapter. A splined spindle offers greater engagement and strength to the handle and internal components than traditional pins. Instead of wavy springs that can be susceptible to breaking, Safeload has internal compression springs, which are more durable. The actuating springs are also internal and are therefore not vulnerable to damage or corrosion. “Our customers consistently report their complete satisfaction with the long-term reliability of the Safeload coupler,” said Euan Fisher, Fort Vale’s business development manager for petroleum products. “One client has over 150 couplers in daily service and has had zero maintenance issues after seven years of constant heavy use.” Scott Reiber, manager of Holly Terminal