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10 BULKDISTRIBUTOR Cleaning & Repair July/August 2016 Imperial expands Krems cleaning capacity I mperial Chemical Transport GmbH has opened a third cleaning bay at its facility in Krems an der Donau (Lower Austria). Following the addition of the new bay, Imperial said it is not only able to clean tankers and tank containers there, but also silo vehicles and tipper trucks. Special features include automated cleaning for dispersions and synthetic resins by machine, where the water and cleaning agents are recycled; this provides major improvements to the interior cleaning process and reduces water consumption and manual cleaning work. When removing any chemical residue with water pressure of 8 bar and a temperature of up to 90°C, only certified, environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used. By using special mixtures of water and cleaning agents, the recycling system can handle as many as 80 procedures before the elements need to be replaced. This is possible because the cleaning mixture, which is fed into the tank at the top, is collected at the bottom, pre-filtered, reheated and then used again for further cleaning procedures. The waste water is then processed in line with the latest technology and the remains of products are disposed of in the proper manner. The address of the facility is: Imperial Chemical Transport GmbH, Hafenstr. 77, 3500 Krems, Austria www.imperial-international.com Customers should always be updated and communicated with the real time status of their tanks The soft side of cleaning I SO tank depots are going through rapid technological evolution and many robotic or automatic cleaning machines are being introduced to the industry. Though the new machines address many problems like speed, quality, efficiency, confined spaces, etc, there is still a dearth of software that is intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use, low cost, highly available, and, at the same time, gives real time access to customer specific data. Communication is the key. Customers should always be updated and communicated with the real time status of their tanks. While good software should address the operations and financial workflows of a depot, it should also help the employees put their focus back on operations and tasks, rather than spending time on loosely built software, fixing bugs or issues to make sure it runs. There are definitely areas in a depot which are near to impossible to be track. They contribute to a major part of the revenue loss and for any business, money saved is money earned. One typical example is revenue leaks. Most of the material requisition transactions are not tracked in the depot. It can be nigh-on impossible to know if it is used in the cleaning station, or overly requisitioned or returned to inventory. The software is needed to track this, right from material indent to reverse logistics. It is also very important to understand the security aspects of the software and its access; server level, operating system level, software level, user level (role-based access control), etc, and bring in all the design policies to develop a robust and foolproof system. The software should protect itself from any kind of external hacking and lateral data stealing, be it locally hosted or set up as a cloud. With this understanding of application development and depot operations, Needa Software Solutions developed tailor-made software for depots, covering the supply chain to regular operations to reporting. With Supply Chain as the crux of the software, it seamlessly integrates with other modules like Banking and Financials, Customers, Suppliers and Inventory. The tailor-made modules like Tank-In, Cleaning, Periodic Test, Repair Estimates, Tank-Out and Miscellaneous are integrated with general ERP modules. The company aims to collaborate to get the best out of a partnership. It works with the depots to understand their needs in detail and customise the software to make it individually tailored to their requirements. With return-on-investment in less than three months and because of simple screens and ease of use, Needa says it has successfully addressed the main problem in the depots: employee resistance. Satisfied customers include S-O Tank Cleaning Terminal, Thailand, and Oceanglobe Container Services, India, which are successfully using the software and recommending it to their counterparts. www.needatechnologies.com What’s missing? That’s because Pelican Worldwide has what you need in stock. We offer over 5500 line items avaliable to ship immediately from our company owned worldwide distribution centres. We are the tank industry’s “just in time” supply chain solution, allowing you to reduce inventory and focus on your primary goals: focus on the job at hand and managing your fleets.  Manlid assembly N  thing!  Pressure/vacuum relief valves  Top discha rge assembly  Syphon tube  Gaskets  Air inlet connection  Corner castings  Dipstick Quality buys Isotank U SA-based Quality Distribution, Inc, has entered the UK market by acquiring Isotank Group. Isotank, led by Colin Garnett, is a leading UK intermodal tank container and depot services provider with seven locations across the country, and will become part of Quality’s intermodal business, Boasso America. Headquartered in Redcar, UK, Isotank was established over 30 years ago and employs more than 270 staff. “We are excited by the opportunity to expand operationally into the UK/European markets,” commented Tony Morsovillo, President of Boasso America. “We believe Boasso’s operating strength and capabilities will complement Isotank’s highly respected business, and allow us to provide our customers with broader coverage and services in the coming years as we grow internationally.” Garnett and business partner Bob Bayliss have agreed to stay on board after the acquisition. Morsovillo continued: “Colin and Bob have done an outstanding job building and running Isotank, and we are delighted that they both have agreed to stay on board. We look forward to growing within the UK and European markets, as we jointly serve our existing customers as well as attract new customers to the market-leading services we can collectively provide.” Quality operates the largest chemical bulk logistics network in North America through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Quality Carriers, Inc, and is the largest North American provider of intermodal tank container and depot services through Boasso America Corporation.  Catwalks  Gaskets  Collapsible handrail Everything in stock! • Tank containers • Tank trucks • Marine • Chemical Industries  Decals  Access ladder  Hollow sections  Data plates  Document holder  Temperature gauges  Pressure gauges  Bottom discharge assembly  Gaskets Isotank has seven locations across the UK and will become part of Quality’s intermodal business Boasso America  Cladding  Cladding band  Remote shut off assembly Industry Leading Solutions: • We design, manufacture, and distribute a complete range of products as one source. • We maintain the largest stock of ancillaries for tank containers and liquid and dry bulk tank applications. • We offer custom solutions to standard products quickly and efficient Tankparts-resized.indd 1 Pelican Worldwide - The Netherlands Phone: +31 186 656 230 Pelican Worldwide - Houston, U.S.A. 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