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Let’s Green Our Living Environment Zepher comes with 5 years pro-rata warranty for its solar module and motor. Zepher is the 1st high-powered solar heat extraction roof ventilator in Malaysia. It draws hot air and moisture from the roof space and discharges them out of the roof. Radiant heat from the roof material heats up the air beneath resulting in a hot roof which can reach up to 70oC and can easily seep part of it into your home interior. By using Zepher solar heat extraction roof ventilator in combination with Lama KOOL@ROOF, it is possible to reduce indoor temperature from 5oC up to 15oC. The highest consumption for electricity at home is Air Conditioning!!! Therefore, a cooler house should be your main priority if you intend to save on electricity. The table below shows an estimation of energy consumption for normal home appliances. The below wattage are approximate Lighting New Style LED Bulb 2W - 20W Lighting 4 Feet White Fluoro Tube 35W - 45W Fridge 275L: (665 kwh/yr) 82.46W Television 40" Flat Screen LED TV 100W Rice Cooker 1.8L 600W Kettle 800W - 2200W Mini Oven 800W (23 Litres) 1600W (26 Litres) Iron 1500W - 2000W Air Conditioning 1 HP 2550W Air Conditioning 1.5 HP 3490W Analysis: Presume that a house has 2 × 1hp unit and 1 × 1.5hp unit air conditioners. The two smaller 1hp units are in the bedroom and are used for 6 hours a day and the larger 1.5hp unit is used for 4 hours a day. Total Watts used would be: 2550 W × 2 units x 6 hrs = 30600 W/hr 30.6 kWh per day × 30 days = 918 kWh/month 3490 W × 1 unit x 4 hrs = 13960 W/hr 13.96 kWh per day × 30 days = 418 kWh/month Total cooling energy per month 918 kWh + 418 kWh = 1336 kWh If you save 5% in electricity for cooling, savings of 66.8kWh per month 1 kWh = RM0.218 to RM0.516 depending on the block pro-rata electricity rate. Total savings = RM15 – RM35 per month or RM180 – RM420 per year. This is based on a mere 5% electricity saving on air conditioning alone! Apart from electricity saving, other savings such as the lifespan expectancy of home and contents, air conditioning maintenance costs and health benefits have not been considered here. Zepher is able to stabilise temperatures by ensuring sufficient frequency or air volume exchange. Where a lot of moisture and humidity is present, the life expectancy of many items in the house will be affected. Zepher is a very effective tool in ext X[Z\]\][\\H]وH\KXܞK\Z\H܈ٙXK\\[H[[Yۈۘܙ]Hٚ[[\[^B[\܈\Y[X[܈Y][ٚ[܈[\X[\K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈۈ\\X\H۝X[ ͌ ͌H ͌ LH ͌H LBK[XZ[]Y\P[X][\˘K^B