Building & Investment (Jan - Feb 2016) (Jan - Feb 2016) - Page 67

Design Feature Transforming an old home’s interior into a contemporary living space Architecture Open Form & FX Studio par Clairoux takes on the challenge of turning a mid-20th century residence into a modern space. THE DU TOUR Residence is a renovation project in Laval, Québec, Canada. Designed by an architect in the 1960s, it has belonged to the same family for decades. The designers’ challenge was to transform the home’s interior into a contemporary space without losing its soul and the memories associated with it. In collaboration with interior design firm FX Studio par Clairoux, the concept was developed by highlighting the stretched building’s “prairie style” architecture and re-introducing the use of natural wood. In addition, the openings on the south side were enlarged on both levels in order to offer, in the heart of the living area, impressive views of the river and the surrounding natural area. To complement the building’s stretched width, attention was paid to movement within the space, the perspectives it offered and its distinct horizontal volumes. Some existing elements, including the huge central chimney of natural stone, were conserved to preserve the essence of the family home. Light materials and pale, nuanced colours were used to enhance the quality and volume of the space. The stretched building is underlined by terraces at each end that are covered by the continuous wooden roof. The first, to the northeast, overlooks a small stream flowing into Rivière des Prairies. Connected to the kitchen and dining room, it has become a place of meditation at breakfast time. At the other end, more than 110 feet away, the second terrace faces south and is connected to the gym and sauna, which are in the basement. It houses an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace, a dining room, a relaxation area and a spa. Enclosed by its roof, its cedar shutters and vegetation, it has become a haven of peace. The mix of stone, masonry and wood in the transformation of the terrace is very much in the style of the original house. To enhance the warm feeling of its cedar ceiling, the existing steel structure was replaced by a structure of solid cedar. Cedar posts and screens with insertions of stained cedar unite the wood ceiling and the ceramic floor. Founded in 2008 by architects Maxime Moreau and Maurice Martel, Architecture Open Form strives to promote innovation in architecture and landscapes through built projects, critical research, exhibitions and writings. Each project begins by listening attentively to the needs of the client and extensive research. „ More information at Building & Investment | 63