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Products & Services 1. Angular Ridge Tile 2. Angular Ridge End Tile 3. Verge Tile 4. Monoridge Tile 5. Monoridge End Tile Monier® Angular Fitting Series Underlay Counter Profile Dry Fixing Accessories Wakastrip 1.2m W L-Angle Eaves H8 Eaves Tile Clip RadenShield Veltisun Light Verge Seal H8 Tile Clip Easyflash Plus Monier® Roof Solutions 100% Leakproof Monier® roof system is durable and 100% leakproof. Even with rain falls aplenty in Malaysia, house owners do not need to worry about leaky ceilings and wet floors. Additionally, concrete actually gains in strength over time as they get harder through further carbonization by absorbing CO2. This gives concrete tiles an edge over other types of roofing in terms of durability and longer lifespan. Monier’s roof tiles are made to prevent fungus and algae growth on the surface. They are not easily damaged and allow walkability. Low Noise The natural properties of concrete tiles provide outstanding acoustic performance for quieter indoor environment. The mass of the tile body and the batten system absorb sound waves, helping home owners to save on heavy investment for huge insulation. What’s more, the sounds from rain, wind or street traffic are less noticeable with a concrete-tiled roof, which translates to more uninterrupted sleeps in a peaceful ambience. Superior Heat Reflection Monier® Horizon™ 8 Roof System effectively reflects radiant heat and has higher residual heat dissipation which prevents large buildup of residual heat to ensure residents a cooler indoor environment and maximum comfort of living. The surface materials for roof tiles, underlay and passive heat removal design applied for this roof system remove excess heat through self-ventilation. Monier® Horizon™ 8 Roof System is the ideal and environmental friendly roof system for low pitched roof. It’s competitive price and high performance also give your wallet a run for its money. Monier’s complete roof system is available at all major cities and towns nationwide. For more information, call toll free 1800 88 0865, e-mail at or visit Q Building & Investment | 49