Building & Investment (Jan - Feb 2016) (Jan - Feb 2016) - Page 44

Products & Services TOP: Oculus -the elliptical cone in the middle of rainforest canopy formed by carefullyassembled tapered pieces of LYSAGHT® 360 SEAM®. BOTTOM: Clamshell (during construction) - a tapered and curved standing seam roof, measuring 24m in height from base to the top, a masterpiece made possible by the Lysaght’s installer and technical team. NS BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia, Your Trusted Partner in Building Systems NS BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia, comes under the umbrella of BlueScope Steel Limited Australia, a leading global supplier of premium metallic coated and painted steel building products. With manufacturing facilities in Shah Alam, Sarawak, Sabah, Singapore and Brunei, NS BlueScope Lysaght Malaysia is a synonym to premium steel roofing and walling solutions, structural decking systems, as well as light-weight truss systems. As a leading rollformer with close to 50 years of experience in Malaysia’s building industry NS BlueScope Lysaght’s strength lies in the Australia Technology, innovation and expertise. All Lysaght products are tested and developed at BlueScope Technology Centre in Chesterhill, Australia, an independent testing facility accredited internationally by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia. In addition, NS BlueScope Lysaght also prides itself to provide total peace of mind solutions and value added services to their clients:  Roofing Solution with tested acoustic performance.  Supply and install of Lysaght products and systems.  Engineering advisory on product application and design. LYSAGHT® 360 SEAM® roofing for Rainforest Canopy. It was notable that, unlike the conventional approach of “fabricate in the factory and transport to the construction site”, most of the LYSAGHT® KLIP40 Building & Investment | LOK® 406 roofing installed in UCTS was roll formed on site. This is a dedicated step taken by NS BlueScope Lysaght to reduce the carbon footprints generated from transporting the roofing sheet to the construction site. Situated at the Rainforest Canopy Area is the Oculus, serving as an elliptical cone to collect rainwater, and the Clamshell, is designed to produce an eff