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News & Events Mah Sing bags two awards at Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards Group adjudged a winner for Asia’s outstanding companies on corporate governance and Group MD, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, named Asian Corporate Director of the Year. MAH SING GROUP BERHAD (Mah Sing) was recently adjudged for two awards in the 11th Corporate Governance Asia Annual Recognition Awards 2015. The Group was named winner in the Asia’s Outstanding Companies on Corporate Governance category whilst the Group Managing Director Mah Sing, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum was named Asian Corporate Director of the Year. Both the Awards are the fifth consecutive wins for Mah Sing. Mah Sing’s Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum said, “As a corporation, we are a firm believer of the importance of corporate governance. We are determined to continuously uphold our brand values and creating values for all our stakeholders; from our customers, our shareholders, to our employees, our business associates and the community. Hence, we actively engage with the investing public where we provide updates via various platforms.” Corporate governance is a continuing process which the majority of public companies in Asia continue to adopt based on standards, in Asia and across the global financial markets. For the past 12 years, Corporate Governance Asia has put emphasis on recognizing companies in the region who continue to lead the way in initiating best practices which provide an open, ethical, Asian values, fair spirit and continuing dialogue with all the stakeholders. Mah Sing was one of the two Malaysian winners from the total of 18 regional winners in the Asian Corporate Director of the Year category. The Group was also one of the 2 Malaysian winners from the total of 6 regional winners. Founder, Managing Director and Publisher, Aldrin Monsod said, “Corporate Governance is important, especially in terms of sustainability – especially for property developers. In addition to looking at the bottom line, investors nowadays take into FROM LEFT: Mah Sing’s Group Managing Director Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum accepting the Awards from the Publisher, Founder and Managing Director of Corporate Governance Asia, Mr Aldrin Monsod. consideration the organizations’ commitment, communication and initiatives when it comes to engaging with stakeholders; both internal and external; as well as the environment and the society at large.” Corporate Governance \XH\[]]ܚ]]]H\[ۈܜܘ]Hݙ\[H[ۙۙ[\XKܜܘ]Bݙ\[H\XHݚY\][[[\\ۈܜܘ]Bݙ\[H\Y\\H\ܛX[H[\Z\X]\KB[ܛX][ۈ\ۛYNۛYH\\\\X\˂\]\K[XY^[H˘ZK^͈Z[[ [\Y[˘ZK^