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News & Events Visitor in the outdoor area. Aerial shot bauma. The Entrance West during bauma. Mining machinery sector optimistic about future With an increased in customers enquiries reported, machinery manufacturers hope bauma 2016 marks a turnaround in sales for the industry. THE MINING ASSOCIATION, affiliated in the German Engineering Federation, the VDMA, is again reporting falling sales. Nevertheless, it is optimistic that 2017 will bring a return to profit. As regards the global market, too, the analysts are expecting things to improve in 2016 and 2017. One reason for the cautious optimism is bauma, which takes place from April 11 to 17, 2016 in Munich. Experience shows that many customers delay purchasing decisions until bauma, where they can first get an overview of the world market offering. Also as regards to the rising number of customer enquiries, bauma is coming at a good time—an upturn would certainly do the sector a lot of good. In 2014, worldwide exports of mining machinery were around €27.929 billion (2013: €31.087 bn), which is a fall of 10.2 percent. The biggest exporting nation, when it comes to mining machinery, was the US, with €7.694 bn (2013: €8.364 bn). The only country to report a rise in exports was China, where the figures rose from €3.940 bn to €4.071 bn. Singapore was in third place in the statistics for exporting nations, with €3.098 bn (€3.468 bn), because of its high volume of transshipments of mining machinery in Southeast Asia. The US thus 24 Building & Investment | has a 27.5 percent share of world exports of mining machinery, China has 14.6 percent and Singapore 11.1 percent, followed by Germany with 7.0 percent. In Germany, in the current year, machinery and plant worth €3.62 bn is being built. That’s thre H\[\[[H][\žYX\]X\\YXH]X\[X[[[\\XX[B[Y]وHY\\܈ M [[\[ H\[\\\Y Lˈ܈ MZXY[[H]]\Z\X[وBZ[[\X][ۋX\][\[8'ؘXH[\\[BH[KYY\H\[Yx'K][^ܝ\HوM\[ HX܈^X[\قۛH8 H H ˎ\[ HۈH\X[Y\XX\]\žYX\\\\Y8 ˍ H H \[ HXY [وB^ܝ M\[ HHYY]\[X[[HZYHX\ [\H]YKP\XXH\H[HY\X\] ][[\[ 8']\]\[ݙ\Y[\H[YXHZ\\[[Hۈ[ 8'H^\[H]]\Y[Έ8'Z[[\Z[™][Y\[Y][ۘ[XZ[^K'HHXۙ [\\Y[ۈ܂[\و\X[Z[[XX[\H\][[Y\XKXX[‚