Building & Investment (Jan - Feb 2016) (Jan - Feb 2016) - Page 24

Special Feature with warranties of up to 50-years, which is significant. This is another compelling reason for the end user to adopt our system - confidence that their choice will last them a lifetime. B&I: What about rainwater ingress/leaks, how does Decra® perform? RA: Again, because it is an interlocking system with a unique installation method/ treatment, we are leakproof when installed correctly (to the manufacturer’s specification). Another key consideration for homeowners is noise transmission, especially with the intensity of rain in the region. We have commissioned formal field tests on in situ homes by independent third party testing agency and have achieved a reading in their “comfortable” zone category (the categories are “silent”, “comfortable” and “other”). Our stone chip coating acts as a natural noise transmission dampener and allows us to achieve levels within the required tolerance of the testing standard. B&I: You qualified your comment with “if properly installed”. Does AHI have a team of trained installers? RA: Part of the important service that we provide is being affiliated with competent roofers and installers trained by our own technical department. Homeowners can call on these trained installers or opt to approach our distributors directly, many of whom can offer a supply and install service. When feasible, we will support projects with installation inspection service as well. B&I: What are some of the landmark projects in Malaysia, and the region, for that matter, where Decra® Roofing Systems are installed? RA: We have supplied some landmark projects, for example, Shangri La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang, Awana Kijal, the Seremban Syariah High Court and Government/JKR projects (e.g., Cultural Palace extension and Mahkamah Alor Gajah) and recent private residential projects (for example S P Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya). We are seeing increased interest for our products/ system among architects and developers because of the benefits it offers in design, durable performance and product lifespan as demonstrated through our 50-year warranty. 20 Building & Investment | Dayang Bay Resort Langkawi. In the region, we have established strong relationships with national homebuilders in both Japan and increasingly in the growing market of the Philippines. In the Japanese construction sector, lightweight construction methods are favoured, so we believe we have an exciting potential for growth in that market. As construction methods continue to evolve across other markets in Asia, we also believe growth prospects are strong. Lightweight materials contribute to more effective and efficient construction, providing opportunities to improve areas such as construction speed, on site management (7 times lighter also translates to significantly less pallets of products for equivalent roof coverage optimising site storage requirements) and supply chain and logistics management (transport, distribution and handling opportunities). These offer real efficiencies for developers and general contractors. B&I: Projects in Philippines and Japan, are these new or renovation projects? RA: We operate in both segments of the market although in Japan, new-build construction is actually on the decline as the population there contracts. In the renovation segment, we offer the Japanese market a lightweight solution which can be installed over an existing roof, which in the case of Japan, is supported by a sub-deck (platform). This is more cost and time effective, not to mention less disruptive for a family living in the home during a roof renovation. Here in Malaysia, you must either place battens on top of the existing roof or replace it entirely - in either scenario, re-roofing is an attractive market for us and an interesting option for homeowners. B&I: Where do you stand with GBI as a sustainable green product? RA: We are committed to manufacturing a sustainable product and being made of steel, Decra® products are durable, long-lasting and recyclable at the [وZ\\Y[YKB\H\Y[ܙY[Y\X[^\XHHQАŠX[^\XHܙY[Z[[ۙY\][ۊH\B\Z[XHܙY[X N[]]HۜX[ۂ[\H\ٙ\[HYHBX\][X[[X[^\XH܈Xܘp [\[\”NH[\H\HYH[X[[B [X܈[X[^\XH\K܈B]HHX[X\]\K[\[HXZ[Y][ [܈Y][و[\\H\˜[[ۛHX\Y\^H[ۘܙ]H]H\H][YYX\[X\[][ۜ\]X[][\]H[{ ]H[X]\ۘ]H][HHY[Y\وYZYۜX[ۋB\X[]Hو\X H\Yۈ; ^X[]B]ˈ\H\X\\X\H][[x&\˜][[ۋH[Y]HHݚYHH[\]YHX[\[HH]X]\Y\[X]B]H\ٙ\ˈ\XZ\\^]YX]H]\H܈\\H[X[^\XKB\XHY[ۈ[ؘ[KH]HXY\ۙY[H[ܛ]HX[^[[ۈ]\[ZHX[]K[\[[B]\Z\H[۝Z[\Y[X\ HB^XH[\Y[][[[\B ^X[]H^[X[ۈ\X]H[B]\H\\ܛ[X][ۜ\HY] [B[\[KH]HH[{ ]وH]ܚ›وX[YX\[X[]Y\HXH[\XH\X\]\\]Z\Y B[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ]˙XܘKK^KYB