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Special Feature TOP TO BOTTOM: Seremban High Court at Seremban 2, Negeri Sembilan and new warehouse. business portfolio which, over time, has had a history of innovation and development. The business here in Malaysia began in 1985 when Fletcher provided a licensing agreement to a company called MRI - they built the facility that is currently at Nilai – under which they were entitled to produce and sell the Decra® brand in Malaysia. During that time, AHI in New Zealand was already exporting Decra products to Asia, including markets such as Japan. In 2005, Fletcher acquired MRI - since then we have been operating under the AHI Roofing entity in Malaysia, producing and distributing Decra® brand into Malaysia and other Asian markets. We also produce for several markets in Africa to support RTG’s growth there. RTG operates with ISO-accredited production in New Zealand, Malaysia, Hungary (Europe) and Corona, California (USA), supplying into markets across Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas and New Zealand / Australia. In that context, RTG is the largest manufacturer of stone-coated metal roof tiles in the world and the only stone coated metal roof tile producer to have a multiple plant network with a truly global reach. As for AHI Roofing Malaysia, what’s interesting is that our production is almost entirely destined for export outside of Malaysia. In the Asian context, Japan is a leading market for us, the Philippines is a growing market and we have footholds into many other regional markets. B&I: AHI Roofing’s flagship product Decra® Roofing Systems has been around for ages - what distinctive features set it apart from the others? RA: If you think about the traditional roofing market here in Malaysia or in the region, clay and concrete tiles are traditional “heavyweight construction” materials. Our product range falls into the “lightweight” category and by comparison can weigh 7 times less than other traditional materials. In other words for an equivalent area of roof coverage, our product would be lighter by a factor of 7. This offers architects, developers and homeowners a variety o