Building & Investment (Jan - Feb 2016) (Jan - Feb 2016) - Page 22

Special Feature Kudat Riviera Resort at Sabah. Decra® stone-coated metal roof tiles Lightweight, durable and sustainable AHI Roofing (Malaysia) Regional General Manager-Asia, Mr Robert Aaron talked to B&I team on Decra® brand and the company’s plans for the future. AHI ROOFING (MALAYSIA) is a wholly owned entity of Fletcher Building, a leading New Zealand based manufacturer and provider of construction related materials and services. AHI Roofing (Malaysia) operates under Fletcher Building’s international Roof Tile Group (RTG) and produces and distributes stone coated metal roof tiles (a high quality roofing material that is lightweight, sustainable and proven to withstand severe weather conditions) to markets across Asia and Africa from its facility in Nilai, Malaysia. It is a part of RTG’s broader plant and market network which together service over 120 countries across 4 continents under the brands “Decra® Roofing Systems” and “Gerard Roofing Systems”. Here on home soil, it has been a decade since AHI acquired Malaysian Roofing Industries Sdn Bhd (MRI) and upgraded the Nilai plant to support its regional growth in Japan, Southeast Asia and Africa. Recently, B&I talked to Regional General Manager-Asia, Mr Robert Aaron, about the company’s achievements and its plans for the future. B&I: By way of introduction to our readership, would you brief us on AHI Roofing’s history? AHI Roofing (Malaysia) Regional General Manager-Asia, Mr Robert Aaron. 18 Building & Investment | RA: It’s a bit of a long history that dates back almost 60 years now. The business was founded in New Zealand by Mr L J Fischer, the inventor of stone-coated metal rooftops, in 1957 and subsequently acquired by AHI (Alex Harvey Industries) in 1969. When Fletcher Building (Roof Tile Group) acquired AHI, the product was integrated into its (Fletcher’s)