Building & Investment (Jan - Feb 2016) (Jan - Feb 2016) - Page 11

Project Highlight to be rated under the “Green Building Index” certification. Key green features include: integrated photovoltaic panel which will generate electricity daily; advanced building envelope to minimise heat gain including low-emissive glass and insulated roofs; variable speed drive chilled with VAV system for the air conditioning system; rainwater harvesting and water recycling system, among others. In terms of design concept, the designers looked to the mighty Rejang river for inspiration. The large water body in front of the campus not only creates a sense of arrival by boat but also reminds visitors of how Sibu was created. Sibu is also known as a “timber town” and this is reflected in the “forest canopy” rooftop over the areas where students gather for social activities. The overall master plan adopts the shape of fern leaf ’s frond whose organic shape offers an excellent spatial planning idea. The central spine branches off to secondary corridors that connect to the various faculties leading to the individual classrooms much like the structure of the fern leaf. The UCTS campus is divided into six zones namely: public space; semi-public space; academic zones; recreational areas; private residential space; and the research & development areas. The public zone includes the Convocation Hall and Surau which are located at the main entrance. The Convocation Hall is located on the north-west end of the campus, fronting the feature lake with good landscaping view. Adequate parking spaces are provided to cater for higher vehicle volumes during peak season. The semi-public zone will be the ‘forest canopies’ for social interactions. The academic zone will be the faculties comprising the school of built environment, school of civil engineering, school of electrical Ground floor of the library. Rainforest canopy to eliminate glare from direct sun penetration and diffuse radiation from the sun. Panoramic view of UCTS campus. Building & Investment | 7