Buckeye General Plan

Fact Sheet #1 General Plan Update te a t a S ents n izo irem r A qu Re What is a General Plan? The City of Buckeye General Plan (Plan), is an official public document adopted by the City Council that is a vision for the city’s future and a policy document that is intended to help guide future decisions and actions by the City. A General Plan has three Every city and county in Arizona is defining features as follows. required to prepare and maintain General. As the name implies, a general plan provides general guidance that will be a general plan. A general plan is used to direct future land use and resource decisions. designed to serve as the jurisdiction’s Comprehensive. A general plan covers a wide range of social, economic, infrastruc- “blueprint” for future decisions ture, and natural resource topics. These include land use, housing, circulation, utilities, concerning land use and resource public services, recreation, agriculture, biological resources, and many other topics. management. Long-Range. General plans provide guidance on reaching a future envisioned 20 or Arizona State Law – Arizona more years in the future. Revised Statutes (ARS) To reach the envisioned future, the General Plan includes goals, policies and actions ARS Title 9, Chapter 4, Article 6 that address both immediate and long-term needs. requires that communities update their general plan every 10 years. For cities over 50,000 population, the state requires the general plan to cover 17 elements and may include optional elements. An element is a specific section of the General Plan that discusses a The pyramid below graphically illustrates the General Plan in comparison to other planning tools. The General Plan is a broad policy document that serves as the foundation for the other planning tools, which get more specific and regulatory as you move up the pyramid. General Plan Vision statement and broad policy guidance particular planning topic such as land use, transportation, housing, energy, etc. An element may be an entire chapter or a subsection of a larger chapter. The elements proposed for the Buckeye General Plan are shown Zoning and Corridor Plan Specific zoning categories and regulations addresses lot sizes, setbacks, heights and specific uses Certificate of Occupancy Certificate of Occupancy Inspections, Licenses for compliance with approved detailed plans Building Plans Site Plans inside this brochure. Zoning and Corridor Plans General Plan Foundation of all planning tools For more information visit www.imaginebuckeye2040.com Building Plans Detailed building floor plans and architectural details for compliance with Building Codes Site Plan Compliance with zoning district standards and site layout