BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 96

| Silicon By Terri Talley Venters | the McAlister family. your beautiful red gown,” Madeline said. Valentine’s Day finally arrived, and Priscilla arrived at the McAlisters’ enormous beach home located on the inlet leading into St. Augustine. Her full-length red satin gown would normally appear inappropriate on an unmarried woman, but her mother acquiesced and allowed Priscilla to borrow it for this special evening. “Madeline and I were just discussing how the tragedy of so many lost souls on the Titanic increased my business last year,” Matthew said. Priscilla walked up the steps to the party and felt breathless at the sight of everyone wearing their finery—the women in beautiful gowns and jewels and the men in coats with tails and top hats. She entered the beautiful home and fantasized about her future with Jeb. She pictured herself wearing the latest fashions from Paris, adorned with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, depending on which gown she chose. But the best part about her fantasy life was the title of Mrs. Jeb McAlister. She entered the enormous ballroom and immediately searched for Jeb. She took the glass of champagne handed to her by a servant but ignored the scrumptious buffet meticulously laid out in the formal dining room of the mansion. She knew eating like a field hand repulsed most gentlemen, along with her waistline. She saw many of her friends which delighted her, but she saw no sign of any of the McAlisters. “Priscilla, darling, how wonderful to see you. Have you met Matthew Oxford of Boston?” Madeline asked, kissing her cheeks to greet her friend since childhood. “Of course, I remember Mr. Oxford. How do you do?” Priscilla asked. She raised her gloved hand and allowed him to kiss the silken fabric protecting