BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 93

| PARANORMAL & SUSPENSE book reviews | Darkness Bound Lorienne Walk Paranormal Romance Heat Rating: 4 Sarah’s twenty-fourth birthday looks like it’s going to be a washout, until she receives an inheritance from the parents she can barely remember. There are strings attached, however. The huge family estate holds secrets as well as memories, and then there’s Grimalkin, a sexy vampire who claims to be her slave. But is Sarah fit to be his master? While they play games of dominance outside forces are at work, seeking to deny Sarah her birthright, and her very life. And the creature she commands might very well be her downfall. REVIEW: Sarah Berkley was a “faded woman in a faded life”. She has just turned 24 and despite chiding by her friends, she is feeling like nothing is worth doing except keeping up her shooting skills. Then she gets a letter saying she had inherited a great deal more. Told in the third person, a welcome change in vampire books, Sarah is led by fate, maybe a little too strongly. It works for her though and she meets all comers with aplomb. The other main character is the only other character that comes into hard focus as if the whole world centers around those two. This book would lend itself well to an action series not dissimilar to Buffy, though in its later series as it is a little raunchy, though not out of character. At seventy five pages, it isn’t deep and meaningful, but it is a good read for an afternoon. | Reviewer: Karen Fainges | January 2014 | 93