BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 91

| PARANORMAL & SUSPENSE book reviews | Saving Kat Ella Grey Paranormal Romance Heat Rating: 3 Adam Reece, Alpha of The Black Paw Pack, follows all the rules but he can’t resist teasing Katherine Moon. Pack law frowns on wolves and witches mating so the resident Earth Witch has become his friend and confidant, nothing more. Life is good. Kat’s blessed by the Goddess who connects her to the earth and the wolf pack she watches over, even the Alpha who only seems happy when he’s pestering her. But she wants more—namely the forbidden attention of a certain steadfast Alpha with a boyish grin. Too bad crossing that line isn’t an option. When a tragic accident threatens to steal her from him forever, Adam must make the hard decision—save Kat or lose her forever, even if she never forgives him. REVIEW: So I found this book a little hard to get into, it took me a while to get adjusted to what I was reading. It started off a little boring but then I began to enjoy the short read. This is full of a teasing romance which makes you smile as you read. Which isn’t a bad thing right? I just wish the book had started a little bit more upbeat and captured me straight away, which it failed to do as I kept getting distracted by other things and was kind of glad that it wasn’t such a long read. Some books I look forward to reading after page one, this wasn’t one of them. I’m glad I finished it though, it was a nice read and I finally began to love the main characters and I’m looking forward to reading more installments in this series. | Reviewer: Nila Bi | January 2014 | 91