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From the Desk of Myra Nour BTS CEO BTS Book Reviews Executive Coordinator Myra Nour Due to the holidays, I’m in the mood to share a bit of personal info. A lot of folks were involved in the Christmas season and my family enjoyed it too. We love decorating our tree every year and driving to see what people create for their outside decorations. In December, we attended the annual Christmas Singing Tree at our church; a gorgeous, almost small broad way like production. Promotions Director Babs Hightower We both had surgery in November and are doing well. It was tough having our surgeries 2 weeks apart, but Simon took care of me first, and now I’m helping my hubby of 32 years. Designer/ Review Team Assistant Nikki McCarver I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Stay safe but have fun. We’ll be doing our annual drinking eggnog with the fireplace on if the weather in South Carolina is cool enough. And watching the ball drop on TV. Designer Mike Milliken BTS Business Update: We have exciting new Promotion Campaign programs for authors. Now we offer 10 different types of Promotion Campaigns to meet individual author needs and budget. Campaigns are good for established authors and novice authors to build sales and name recognition. We can do a mix of not only tours, but also ads, features, interviews and blog posts to meet your needs. Campaigns are one month, 3 month and 6 month in length. Prices range from $55 to $975. See all details at: More information about our campaigns on page 6 of this issue. Here is an example of one of our 3-month campaigns. Tour, ads, interview & blog posts - $270 • Three half-page standard ads in BTS Book Reviews • Reviews Tour • Online radio interview on Bab’s Book Bistro • Blog Posts The Blog Posts portion of the campaigns is an idea I came up with and work closely with Babs our Promotions Director to achieve successful results. Blog posts work like this: Blog posts are scheduled once a week for duration of campaign, on blogs with an average following of 1,500 or more. Bloggers also post on Facebook, Google+ & Twitter, with many having thousands of followers on their social media. Posts are short excerpts and interview questions, mixed throughout the weeks so material stays “fresh”. Bloggers are not required to review author’s book but we ask if they would like to review it. Bloggers are paid so that the posts are guaranteed. Executive Designer Dawn Seewer Editor Sheri Kraft Associate Editor Kellyann Zuzulo Review Coordinator Annette Stone Author Liaison Leslie Ferdinand Yahoo Promotions/ Ad Coordinator Simon Nour Scheduler/ Promotions Assistant Christy Wilhelm Book & Trailer Showcase REVIEWERS: Annette Stone, Nikki McCarver, Tim Davis, Drue DePompei-Hoffman, Francine Alli, Leslie Ferdinand, Lynda K. Frazier, Marie Haney, Kimberly Klemm, Niina Cord Rachel Flash, Rhonda Dennis Stephanie Phillips, Susan Frances, Michele Biring-Pani, Sally Manson, Krissy Malott, Shelly Schulz, Priyanka U. Patel, Nila Bi, Shan McKinney, Shelly Hammond, Beckey White, Iris Montalvo Pross, Patricia Costa Melo, Gypsie Holley, Anita Rivers, Cassandra G., Dave Franklin, Savannah Mae, Abbie Foxton, Nicky Peacock, Michelle Willms, Dianne Solberg, Julie L Canfield, Michele Page, Tobyann Aparisi, Adeshr, Danielle S., Babs Hightower, Taunya Wells, Crystal Guidroz, Ioana Giju, Christina Torretta, Udita Banerjee, Namrata Parakh, Colleen Cook, Joss Landry, Jake Trauberman, Michele Boylan, Steve Liddick, Karen Fainges, Satarupa-Biswas, Emma Mullins, Geri, Nancy Levine, Janice Ross, C. S. Johnson, Dm. L. Carter, SharaLee Podolecki,Brenda Lang, Elaine White, SharaLee Topnik, Kristy Nowinsky COLUMNISTS: Sandra Bunino, C hristy English, Laurie Garrison, Kelly Hudson, Nikki McCarver, Nicole Morgan No material in this magazine can be used or copied without BTS or the author’s permission. © Copyright 2014. BTSeMag, BTS Book Reviews, All Rights Reserved. By submitting material to BTS Book Reviews or its affiliates, authors certify they own the rights to all published information. January 2014 | 9