BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 89

| PARANORMAL & SUSPENSE book reviews | An Unlucky Moon Carrie Ann Ryan Paranormal Romance Heat Rating: 4 Hunter’s spent the past 4 years in hell as a wolf battling for his life. Now he’s free and found his mate, Becca. Between the Pack’s council and strangers who could take everything away from them, Becca and Hunter have more to fight and everything to fight for. REVIEW: Despite having not read anything of the rest of the series, I found myself swept up in the characters remarkably quickly. Two Fated lovers, one a werewolf eager to do anything to join with his mate and keep her safe, and a (mostly) human woman, trying to work out who she is now that she has been caught up in world of the paranormal. Previous books seem to have covered the stories of others of the lightning struck, women brought together when they were hit by lightning and survived. Now it is Becca Quinn’s turn. An interesting woman, she is terrified by a spider but handles drunk patrons of the bar where she works with ease and verve. Totally believable and with more story to tell, I quite liked this character and found her reluctance to dive right in to this completely different world, believable and best of all, she was not hard as nails nor a complete walk over. Hunter Brooks (an appropriate name for a werewolf) is also believable with definite animalistic instincts held in check by his concern for Becca. Although the words to describe body parts were frequent and a bit earthy for me, the love scenes were just that, loving. They had humour and delight, and I found myself looking up the past books and looking forward to the next ones. | Reviewer: Karen Fainges | January 2014 | 89