BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 83

And there we have it, dear followers! Several books across several genres guaranteed to thrill you, amaze you, and maybe even scare you. The Scrying Eye closes in need of rest and to comb the cosmos, its ever-roving eye looking into every dark corner, behind every bright sun, and under every rock to find only the best for you. Time to bundle up and head out into the world, to face the icy winds and the annoying consequences of winter. But soon, the Eye will open again, and all your needs will be met. Good night and farewell! Kelly M Hudson is the author of two horror novels and dozens of short stories, including a piece in the recent D.O.A. II collection by Blood Bound Books. You can find links to all of his works by visiting if you dare! Until the next Scrying Eye... January 2014 | 83