BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 78

| Escaping Eden By Danielle Devon | Reluctantly she reached for the bag, opened it, and pulled out a UIF flight suit. “Hurry, we haven’t much time.” “Tell me where my sister is.” on him in unison. “Go, now!” “I can’t leave you to them,” she cried. “I’ll be fine. Now go, before it’s too late.” “She is in the Derium sector on a small planet called Jadren. Hurry, please.” Satal cast a glance at the Chargers narrowed on them. “Thank you,” she whispered as she slipped into the cockpit and lowered the hatch. She seemed to consider this, taking longer than was safe. He knew they would be coming for them any minute. Finally, she rose and slipped into the flight suit, zipping it up over her clothes. A barrage of Charger fire exploded in the air around them. Trave dropped to the ground and watched the Drakon ship whirl to life and explode from the hanger. “Come on,” he urged, taking her by the hand and drawing her out the door. As the Charger fire ceased, useless against the well-armored ship, a UIF guard dragged him to his feet. “Captain Macon, you are under arrest.” They rushed down the hallways, she ducking her head and avoiding the gaze of every UIF personnel they passed. As they broke free from the building, the whine of the alarms ringing out through the courtyard sent every head turning in their direction. “Run!” he yelled as they thundered through the crowd. He could hear the shouts of the UIF guards echoing down the hallway behind them as they fled across the hanger to the waiting Drakon ship. Satal scrambled up into the cockpit, Trave hesitated on the ground behind her. She turned, offering him her hand. He slipped a piece of paper into her awaiting palm. “Those are the coordinates. Your sister is well. In fact, she is working for a private sector organization.” Satal glanced down at the coordinates on the paper. “Come with me,” she whispered. Trave shook his head. “You know I can’t.” The UIF stormed into the hanger. A dozen Chargers drew 78 | Trave drew his hands behind his back, the heavy restraints locking around his wrist. “Why did you help her?” “Because.” He smiled. “Sometimes the Fates have other plans.” Danielle Devon is a multi-published author who has settled comfortably into her unique realm of science fiction and fantasy romance. Her writing has been hailed by reviewers as “darkly poetic”, her stories “vividly painted with a colorful canvas which comes to life before your eyes.” She lives in the beautiful Northwest with her husband and children. Visit her on her website at