BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 77

locked. She pulled and pulled, but still it would not budge. “En Yu Kian!” she swore as she beat on the door with her fists. Tears welled in her eyes. I trusted him, she thought as her throbbing fists gave way, and she ran her hands helplessly down the cold metal door. *** “You can’t do this!” Trave bellowed as he slammed his fist on the Admiral’s desk. “We appreciate your assistance Captain Macom. The Federation will take it from here.” The Admiral’s voice was cool and distant, his gaze never lifting from the datapad in his hands. “Eden Prime is neutral territory. You cannot hold her prisoner. She has done nothing wrong, and you are violating the Eden Directive!” “That will be all, Captain!” At the Admiral’s harsh bark, Trave turned and stormed out of the office. That wouldn’t be all, not if he had anything to say about it. *** Satal had no idea how long she had been locked inside the cold and sterile room. She guessed it had been hours, judging by the number of UIF personnel who had come and gone. They had interrogated her with question after question. She had remained rigid and silent, refusing to show them the slightest hint of weakness despite the tears that wanted to fall. They had left her alone again, nothing but her and these four blank walls. She slumped down onto the floor, curled up, and wrapped her arms about her knees, hugging them to her. *** Trave watched the parade of UIF personnel come and go from the isolation cell. It had taken him nearly an hour to find her, even longer to work his sources to get the information he desired. He waited for the last round of officials to disappear down the hallway before he approached the door. He didn’t have clearance to access the control panel, so he was going to have to do this the oldfashioned way. If he got caught, it would mean the end of his career, possibly the end of his life as he served his remaining years behind bars. But he had to do it. He owed her that much. She had risked her life to save him, and now it was his turn to return the favor. He slipped the knife from his pocket and carefully unscrewed the door control panel. Finding the red wire, he slipped the knife underneath it and sent up a silent prayer before slicing it in half. With any luck, it would register as a malfunction on the system, and they would have several minutes before anyone arrived to investigate it. He pushed open the door and found Satal huddled in the corner. She didn’t bother to look at him, her head only slowly rising at the sound of his voice. “Satal.” Her watery eyes narrowed on him and she huffed out a harsh whisper, “I trusted you.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” It was the only apology he could offer. “Please,” he said, holding out his hand for her. “We only have a few minutes before they get here.” “I’m not going anywhere with you.” “Satal, please,” he begged. “I have the information about your sister. If we can just get you out of here, you can go to her.” “Why should I believe you?” He slipped the bag he’d been carrying off his shoulder and tossed it across the room to her. “Put these on, we have to get you out of here.” January 2014 | 77