BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 73

He closed his eyes and could hear a clattering in the distance. I must be dead, he thought before he finally succumbed to the darkness suffocating him. *** against a tower of cases. Her eyes were closed, her head tipped down so that her multi-colored hair covered most of her face. Her legs were crossed at the ankles, and her arms folded over her chest as she dozed. The human lay like a broken thing on the cold metal floor. His chest rose and fell with each labored breath, but his eyes remained closed. Satal counted the hours restlessly as they past. She had managed to drag his unconscious body to a nearby storage locker before a team of Drakon soldiers arrived to inspect the wreckage. Trave shifted slightly, reaching for the Charger at his waist. Conflicting loyalties, those to her people and those to her family, whirled about inside her. What other choice had she? Her own people had denied her, refusing to help her. Family was all that she had left. He was her only option. “Such a clumsy weapon,” she mused as she turned it over in her hand. “So big and bulky.” His dark hair fell across his eyes so that all she could see was the stubble across his cheek, fanning over his chin. His skin was soft and warm and very pink, like the flowers that bloomed in the summer valley. He wore a black uniform, a flying horse stitched in the upper corner of his chest. They told her the humans were savages, but this pretty, pink, flesh and blood man looked more like an angel than the devil she had been warned of. Perhaps he was her angel, sent here by the Goddess to protect those she loved. If it had been fate that had sent him to her, then she knew what she had to do. *** She held up his weapon, “Looking for this?” Trave shifted uneasily as she turned the Charger on him. From this distance he could see that the safety was still on, the telltale glow of the light casting a red hue across her thumb. She smiled and with a nudge of her finger switched it active. “And armed.” Trave lifted his hands, his right arm groaning in protest. “Wait a minute . . .” She clicked the safety back on and lowered the weapon. “Don’t worry. If I wanted you dead, I would have left you for the soldiers to find.” That was probably true enough. Still, it made him nervous to have his Charger in her hands. “What do you want?” “What is your name?” Trave opened his eyes, blinking against the fog penetrating his vision as