BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 58

| EROTIC book reviews | At Last Kathryn Kelly Erotic Heat Rating: 4 The Pirate’s Lady Tyler James is getting married and leaving her job as Dr. Hoyt McKee’s nurse. Hoyt can’t allow Tyler to just walk out of his life and they find themselves in each other’s arms. At last. Samantha Howard is appalled when her father tells her of her impending marriage to Britmore MacDonald, especially since she must travel from England to the Carolinas for it to happen. How can she possibly give up her lover, Tommy, the stable boy? REVIEW: It was definitely steamy and they kind of had a complicated relationship. Because he was married and apparently in a loveless marriage, and she engaged to someone else and both basically realizing on her last day at the office that she couldn’t really walk away and he coming to terms with the fact he was in love with her and had known for some time but denied it until he couldn’t. Brittmore MacDonald, known as Capt’n B while he is at sea, is horrified when his mother tells him of the arrangements that have been made for his marriage to Samantha Howard. When his pirate ship raids the Spanish ship she is sailing on, Samantha becomes his to take. Once he has tasted the honey of her lips, he must find a way to get her to his parents’ plantation so that she can become his wife, without letting his parents know what he does once the Merry Lady is out of sight of land. They were good conflicted and slightly tormented characters. She the good girl, wanting to please family and him, holding on to his marriage because of his wife, who was actually jealous of her and her fiancée who was jealous of her boss. They’ll be fine once the air clears and everything is settled. It was a good read. | Reviewer: Cassandra Graham | Shari Dare Historical Erotic Heat Rating: 5 REVIEW: Samantha Howard has to set sail for the Americas, because out of his 12 children, she is the sixth daughter and her father could not afford a dowry for her. She doesn’t count on her ship being captured, however, by a pirate she will eventually starts fall for, and that said pirate turns out to be her fiancé who is living a secret double life on the high seas. He realizes, who she is the moment he captures her and she reveals her name, but he has to keep it a secret from his crew and also from her until the time is right to reveal all. They eventually get along rather nicely and she finally manages to get to the Carolinas. And he has to find a way once he gets home to come to terms with the fact that he’d actually kidnapped his fiancé. It had adventure, some action and fun. A feisty English heroine and a dashing pirate who tried to conceal his two separate lives. Even his first mat was funny and got a girl in the bargain. If you want fun on the high seas you’ll definitely enjoy this little adventure. | Reviewer: Cassandra Graham | 58 |