BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 56

| EROTIC book reviews | Loved by Wolves Diane Leyne Erotic Romance Heat Rating: 5 Penelope and her wolves have known all their lives they were destined to be together. So why won’t the Mating Ceremony work? Failure after failure is driving them apart. Then there’s Oliver, the new doctor in town and a human. Why does Penelope find herself attracted to him? Does this mean it’s time to give up on love with her wolves and move on? REVIEW: The first two chapters the author gives the reader a 56 | glimpse at the history/background of Penelope and her shifters at the failure of attempts to have a “True Mating” four years earlier. Chapter three reads as present day… Oliver a human comes to town…As you read it you can sense something is gonna happen or will happen… But what? This was a unique ménage paranormal story with twist and turns some expected and other not so much. Some lines in the book were humorous to read. Quirky characters that will have you wanting to devour the story… The only thing I wished was an epilogue of the story… A bit more to the ending but other than the overall story was great | Reviewer: Beckey White |