BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 53

| EROTIC book reviews | Chelsea’s Somebody Yvette Hines Contemporary Erotic Romance Heat Rating: 5 Chelsea McDaniel’s somebody was Rick Forrester. One of Lucky Valley’s sexy ranchers; if not the sexiest man that walked down main street. Ever since she realized the difference between boys and girls she wanted Rick. However, word around town was that Rick had desires that were just as dark as they were passionate. But that didn’t scare Chelsea and she was back in town and ready for him to see her as more than just the little girl he used to swim with in the lake after school. Well, times have changed. After her best friend aids her in connecting with the 1 Night Stand service, the wheels are set in motion for Chelsea to have her man. Even if she had to saddle up with two of them. Everything rides on her belief that if she can get Rick between the sheets for just one night, he’d see her for the woman she has become: somebody that’s his. However, when she finds herself caught up in her own masquerade, she may lose him for good. REVIEW: This is another short story in the Madame Eve N1S series… Chelsea has had a crush on Rick for as long as she can remember but Rick doesn’t seem to notice her or so it may seem… Rick and his buddy, Stem, are known around town for their more risqué passions… but neither of them has even had something with Chelsea. Chelsea is encouraged by her best friend to sign up N1S, what happens when they meet up? What will happen afterwards? This was an enjoyable story that I really like the ending, it will have some saying awe how sweet… | Reviewer: Beckey White | January 2014 | 53