BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 32

| The Flower and the Flame By Lexi Adair | From the corner of her eye, she saw Sara cross to the answering machine. “You have twentythree messages.” Sara punched her finger into the button on the machine. Jeff’s voice filtered through the room and made Madison’s heart ache painfully. “Are these all from him?” her friend asked. “I can’t believe that jerk is still calling you. You need to delete them.” “No!” Madison jumped up from the couch, nearly tripping over a pizza box as Sara’s finger inched towards the delete button. “I need those!” Sara cocked an eyebrow and then hit the delete key anyway. to devour her. She felt Sara’s hands slip over her, gathering the folds of her sweatshirt. “Take this thing off.” Madison shot up, slapping her friend’s hand away. “Leave me alone.” Sara drew back and cocked a brow as if daring her. “You’re going to make me get out the big guns, aren’t you?” Madison let out a whimper as she flopped back down, this time drawing the blankets over the top of her, hiding beneath them. She felt Sara’s weight shift off the bed. “I can’t believe you did that.” “All right, girl, you asked for it.” “I did it for your own good.” Sara waved a