BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 27

| CONTEMPORARY & HISTORICAL book reviews | The Gift of Love Eris Field Contemporary Romance Laurel, a 26 year old slightly impulsive pediatric nurse who spent her early years in foster care, dreams of having a family of her own—six children, no men in the dream. Laurel doesn’t just dream, she has a plan --stop her step-sister’s compulsive hoarding, clear out the mountains of paper engulfing every room, and sell the old house that is pushing her toward bankruptcy. As a last resort, she raids her retirement fund to go to a conference on the newest treatments for compulsive hoarding. Andrew, a 39 year old psychiatrist, is never impulsive. A reticent, somewhat austere man, he limits his interactions with people to his work. About to leave for the conference where he has agreed to fill in for a colleague, he suddenly finds himself the reluctant caretaker of a two and a half year old boy, Jamie, who is mute. Laurel views Andrew as arrogant, rude, but disturbingly attractive and Andrew views Laurel as a dangerous distraction to be avoided. Faced with saving Jamie, they are forced to work together but will they be able to put aside their protective armor and trust each other enough to let love in? REVIEW: Wholesomely sweet, The Gift of Love shows the readers a budding romance in the world of Health Care. Jaded psychologist Andrew met financially burdened Nurse Laura and, due to some surprising incidents, ended up being in each other’s company for the whole seminar. Eris Field creates memorable characters and twists the plot to endear them to the readers more while steadily tighte