BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 23

CONTEMPORARY & HISTORICAL | book reviews | Marine of Plenty A Candle for a Marine Captain Charlie Sparks faces an impossible task—assigned to a security detail for the sister of a fallen Marine. The last thing Charlie wants is this beautiful woman in the middle of a base in Afghanistan no matter what holiday she plans to help them celebrate. But no one asked for his opinion, and worse, she’s everything he adores in a woman and more… Tormented by the question of ‘what if...’ REVIEW: This is the second book I have read in the series and I enjoyed it as well as the first. I loved that Jana was in Afghanistan to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for marines deployed there who couldn’t be with their families. Her issues with her brother, a marine’s, death were clear and made me root for her even more. A chance meeting at Temple brings Zehava Elbaz face-to-face with the first and only man she’s ever loved. She sees a deep and hidden pain in him, one she blames herself for... Heather Long Contemporary Romance Heat Rating: 5 Charlie was so kind and considerate, and I enjoyed reading about all of the marines who helped her prepare the meal. The love scenes between Jana and Charlie were very nicely done. I felt for Jana when she had to go back to the states, but I liked the way everything fell into place for her and Charlie. | Reviewer: Nancy Goldberg Levine | Heather Long Contemporary Romance Heat Rating: 4 Home for Hanukkah, Sergeant Isaac Janko has never forgotten the baby his girlfriend gave up for adoption years ago. But he didn’t realize how angry he still was.... More than time separates them.... An invitation to Hanukkah brings them together.... The two must confront their pain and loss. They have only eight days to face their past, and win each other’s trust, but it is a time for healing, reconciliation and miracles…. REVIEW: I had read other reviews of the books in this series, and was anxious to review this book. Since I am Jewish, I always look forward to reading books about the holiday of Chanukah since there aren’t very many. I was pleasantly surprised to read a novella with a Chanukah theme. I loved the characters of Zehava and lsaac. Although l did not read all of the books in the series (yet), there were references to other characters, but l didn’t feel lost when l read about them, and liked the interplay of the hero and heroine with them. lsaac’s nona and Zehava’s mother—the support system January 2014 | 23