BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 17

A little about who I am: My earliest reading memories are from grade school. I had a major fixation with horses, and the Black Stallion was a favorite. Then junior high came along and teenage hormones kicked in, and it was all about the Harlequin Romances. I have been hooked on books ever since. I have a degree in Marketing and Business along with years of sales and customer service experience. I believe my greatest talent is thinking outside the box to find tools and ideas to improve a product’s market place position. I have taken this degree, experience and tenacity and focused it on the publishing industry to assist authors in becoming as successful as possible. I created Innovative Online Book Tours in 2012, and I utilize that knowledge and the company’s many connections and resources in tandem with Author & Reader Con’s. The two companies mesh so well together, much like PB&J. In a nutshell, I organize online book tours; I do a variety of publicist activities for authors and I also Organize 2 national author conventions. I have designed the conventions to emulate what I experience as the best parts of conventions I have attended, from both the authors and readers points of view. I am open to all suggestions and willing to make adjustments as we go so that we have the best convention possible. I would like to offer panels at the conventions that appeal to both readers and authors. There are also nightly socials events so we can mingle and kick our heels up. Of course much of this evolves as the convention is built and authors and publisher join in and request events that they would like to be involved in. Publishers: If you are interested in talking with authors and taking pitches, I offer a boardroom style setting for sponsors to use and schedule as they see fit for an hour to be scheduled into the itinerary. January 2014 | 17