BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 16

Join us for a convention experience you will not soon forget! Authors & Reader Cons are for authors and readers to meet one another during a fun and carefree weekend. The focus is on the reader author relationship. I want you to have the chance to meet your favorite authors in person and to be introduced to new authors that you will now want to add to your TBR pile ( I know you have one ;) Readers and authors alike are encouraged to let their hair down and get to know each other and talk about the one thing that really brings us all together: BOOKS! There are many convention options available to you the authors and readers to take advantage of, so with this in mind I have made every effort to provide a quality event with many bonus features at an affordable price. In these hard economic times, you don’t have to break the bank to attend an amazing event! Join us for 2014 where the books are hot and cover models are swoon worthy!!!! 16 |