BTS Book Reviews Issue 18 - Page 11

The Lowdown with Laurie Laurie Garrison Free Books and Cheap E-book Pricing With this being my last column for BTS, I wanted to share my heart with the authors I love, to let them know how much money they are losing by giveaways and by pricing their e-books for so cheap. Free and $0.99 books are everywhere, and it’s making readers want only free or $0.99 books, and it’s time this crazy pricing stops so you, the author, can start making some money. I walked in Books-A-Million the other day. I was looking at all of the books priced over $0.99, and I wondered how are places like this going to make it as authors keep pricing box sets and novels for $0.99 or giving their books away. Bookstores are closing daily, and you can blame it on e-books all you want, but you, as an author, need to take a look at your pricing before you lay all the blame on e-books. Let’s crunch some numbers, and give you some real food for thought. Just a little over two years ago, there weren’t mass amounts of free e-books on places like Amazon nor were there so many giveaways out there. I had no other choice: it was either buy the books I wanted to read or not get to read them. As of right now, I have over 1,000 free books on my Kindle; therefore, I have enough to last me a lifetime. And I hear other readers saying this too, “Why do I have to buy books when I can just get them for free?” You know what? They are right. Why should we go buy a book when we can go to Amazon and download more than five daily for free? So, if I quit buying books because I get them for free, you lose my $20 a week. That is $1,040 a year, and if you add, let’s say, forty other readers January 2014 | 11