BTL Issue 07 'Adult' Jun.2014

ABOUT BETWEEN THE LINES Between The Lines is an entirely studentrun organization, created by a group of talented, passionate and ambitious young writers and artists. The main project of the organization is the literary magazine which Initially began with a literary circle where students shared and critiqued each other’s work, and as a small schoolfunded publication; is now reaching the wider public with its vision of inspiring more readers and supporting more writers and artists. The publication is in both English and Korean, and is the only English literary magazine devoted to publishing creative works by the students in Korea. The ultimate aim of the organization is to create a artistic and creative community of Korean youth, that will act as a springboard for future initiative projects like the BTL literary magazine. PUBLICATION Every March, June, September, and December, BTL publishes a webzine using Joomag online publishing software and every year in December, best works across four submissions of the year are published as a hard-copy magazine. 웹진은 매년 3월, 6월, 9월,12월 으로 온라인 Joomag로 발행되며, 매년 12월 초 1년에 걸쳐 완성되는 ‘모음집’이 출판됩니다. Between The Lines is a seasonal literary and arts magazine created by high school students in South Korea. 비티엘 (Between The Lines) 문학예술지는 일 년에 네 번 기획부터 출판까지 고등학생들의 손 으로 만들어지는 잡지 입니다. 발행처 발행인 Between The Lines Yunha Hwang 황윤하 SPONSERS & ADVERTISEMENTS 전라남도 순천시 왕지 3길 Phone: 01033803996 Email: Homepage: Facebook: betweenthelinesliterarymagazine Twitter: 2 If you would like to sponsor the Between The Lines cause or advertise in Between The Lines, please email 비티엘 문학예술지를 후원해주시거나 잡지에 광 고를 싣고자 하시는 분은 btlmag@gmail.com으 로 연락해 주시기 바랍니다.