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Giving Hope to the Hopeless When news reports flash across TV with stories of lives, homes and businesses lost to devastating floods, tornadoes or wildfires, some people may say a prayer and think, “There but for the grace of God …” Cheryl Wettlaufer, a dermatology nurse at Baylor Scott & White Clinic – Round Rock, believes that because of God’s grace, she should not only send prayers, but go to hardhit areas to offer aid. “God wants us to walk in others’ shoes, and that means doing whatever I can to help people – physically, emotionally and spiritually,” says Cheryl, who is a weekend disaster-relief warrior with the Austin Disaster Relief Network (ADRN) – a network of 165 churches that aids survivors through the disaster-recovery process. 4 As volunteers, Cheryl and her husband responded to the fires in Bastrop last fall that burned 4,500 acres. When devastating floods displaced thousands in the Baton Rouge area this summer, the couple canceled their vacation and deployed to Louisiana. “We didn’t hesi хєѼȁ̸Q)ЁݔɹI8ٽչѕ́ݕɔ)Ѽ1եͥݔѼѽt 封̸)Aͥȁ́Ё݅ 封ɥѕ̸)ḾͼɥѥЁɕ́)ɕͽɍݥѠѡɕ)ѥ́ѡЁѕɽɅ̸((