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Transforming the World, One Child at a Time Jill Hrbacek thought she was prepared for the mission trip last summer that took her from Temple to a medical clinic in Zambia in sub-Saharan Africa. While she had anticipated seeing scores of homeless children living in abject poverty, what she wasn’t prepared for was the smell. “When we landed, fires were burning across Lusaka,” recalls Jill, an emergency department nurse at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center – Temple. “They were burning raw garbage, and the stench permeated the city.” The smells were quickly forgotten once Jill saw the plight of so many, especially one orphan child, Prosper, who quickly captured Jill’s heart. Prosper had to be carried to the medical camp because her foot was so badly burned and infected that she risked losing it. Jill would need all of her emergency room skills to help save it. into her foot, the pus rolled out. But the camp’s doctor told me I had to do it or she might die.” Thankfully, Jill had talked to the camp’s doctor before leaving Temple to see what supplies were needed most. She was able to procure some supplies from Baylor Scott & White’s Faith in Action Initiatives, including dressings for wounds. “The supplies were lifesaving, and I really believe it was all God-sent,” Jill says. “By the end of the week, we were all crying because we had to leave. But before we did, I got to see Prosper jump rope and play.” Jill not only got big hugs from Prosper before she left; the girl also told her that one day she wants to be a nurse. “The only painkiller we had for her was Tylenol,” Jill explains. Prosper sat quietly, tears running down her cheeks. “As I cut 3