BSW Stories - Page 19

It started out as a typical night of calls for service at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas until our dispatcher summoned all officers to the emergency department parking lot. In the parking lot were a Dallas police and Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) police vehicle, one riddled with bullet holes, used to transport wounded officers from the protests in downtown Dallas to the hospital. Within minutes, our hospital was saturated with police who were clearly overcome with emotion. I felt numb when I heard more police officers had been ambushed and shot and were en route to the hospital. I had no idea that five of the wounded officers would make the ultimate sacrifice that night. When I reflect on that night, I recall Baylor Scott & White officers standing outside in disbelief as we secured the emergency department parking lot. I watched as frantic family members of the fallen officers were accompanied hand in hand by Dallas police department and DART officers. I am reminded how Baylor Scott & White police, medical staff and the chaplains provided emotional support to the families and police agencies. I regrettably remember the grief we all felt as everyone stood in the parking lot and saluted two of the fallen police officers. At that moment we all realized that could have been any one of us not going home to our loved ones at the end of our tour of duty. What makes it most difficult for me is I knew one of the fallen Dallas police officers brought to Baylor’s emergency department that night. That night is a reminder that we should not take anything for granted, as tomorrow is not promised to us. You should hug your family much tighter and perhaps a little longer. I am extremely proud to be a part of the Baylor Scott & White family. My prayers are with the families of those brave police officers who were injured and made the ultimate sacrifice the night of July 7, 2016. – Tanya Bradley 17