BSW Stories - Page 16

On the evening of July 7, 2016, during a peaceful protest march in downtown Dallas, a sniper ambushed Dallas police officers, fatally injuring five and wounding seven. Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas was one of two area trauma centers to receive the wounded. Hundreds of Baylor Dallas staff, many of whom came without being called, worked throughout the long night. The tragedy was felt in North Texas, across the country and beyond. With the eyes of the world on Dallas, our caregivers showed the level of quality care and compassion Baylor Scott & White delivers – even under difficult circumstances – and brought out the best in what we as a team do every day. Three who answered the call were Tanya Bradley, Baylor Scott & White police sergeant; Sherry Sutton, emergency department nurse manager; and Alan Wright, chaplain. These are their stories.