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Take a Seat 8 New parents preparing to take their baby home from the hospital are always anxious about that first car trip. One set of parents at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Hillcrest were especially nervous last winter. They were bringing home preemie twins in the freezing cold and dark, and in a sports car. To top it off, they couldn’t get the babies’ car seats installed properly. called for help, Melissa, who is certified in car seat installation, didn’t hesitate to turn around. “I’d been trying to help the dad, who is my nephew, with the car seats for more than an hour,” recalls Marsha Shofner, a case manager at the hospital. “Even though the bases were in the vehicle, there was a problem attaching the car seats to the bases.” Two hours later, having used rolled up blankets to secure the bases to the car’s back seat, the family was ready to go home. “My heart just went out to them,” recalls Melissa of the young couple. “All they wanted to do was get their babies home safely.” Meanwhile, social worker Melissa James had just left the hospital to head for the department Christmas party. When Marsha Marsha and Melissa both missed the party, but that was OK. “We don’t feel like what we did was a big deal – it’s just what you do,” Marsha says. “Car seats can be so hard to understand and manage,” says Melissa, who herself was stumped and had to call a child safety instructor for advice. “We sent photos back and forth on our phones trying to figure out how to position the bases.” 8