Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 9

CHARTER DAY Alumni Honored The College proudly honored four alumni at the BAC all alumni reception on Friday evening, October 20: Laurie Horan (AA ’76) as Outstanding Volunteer, and Curtis Childs (AA ’06), Becca Smith (BA ’03), and Lincoln Smith (BA ’03) as Distinguished Alumni. Laurie Horan Curtis Childs After graduating from the Academy Girls’ School in 1974, Laurie earned an Associate in Arts in 1976 from Bryn Athyn College (then re- ferred to as ANCC) and continued to take ad- ditional courses there before transferring to Tracey Warner School of Fashion Design in Phil- adelphia, graduating from there in 1980. While at the Col- lege she had met Rich- ard Horan, and they were married in 1981. They lived in Mitch- ellville, Maryland for 21 years where they were active in the Washington Society. They have five grown children and two grandchildren. The family moved to Bryn Athyn in 2002 as their oldest was starting at the College. With children attending all levels of the schools in Bryn Athyn, Laurie has found many opportuni- ties over the years to volunteer when parental help was needed, but always felt especially drawn to the College where she had had such a good experience as a student. The Bryn Athyn College of the New Church Alumni Association was in its infancy in the early 2000s, as a loosely orga- nized group of people who felt passionate about supporting the College. Laurie began attending their meetings in 2006, serving as secretary for many years, and has continued to serve on the Board ever since. After receiving an A.A. from Bryn Athyn Col- lege with a focus in biol- ogy, Curtis transferred to Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan and graduated with a degree in communica- tions. Beginning with short stints in everything from carpentry to working at a county juvenile detention facility, his career path led him to the fascinating and meaningful field of Swedenborgian outreach. Hired by the tech-focused startup NewChurch LIVE, Curtis worked on and eventually became head of KidsLive—a program that sought to dis- till the complex yet vital ideas in Swedenborg’s published theological works into something that kids would not only understand but joy- fully embrace. He wrote scripts, acted, and yes, even dropped a kids’ album. He began working in online video in 2011 and, after a period of independent production, was hired by the Swe- denborg Foundation to build digital commu- nity and get exposure for Swedenborg’s writings through the web. He now works there as digital media producer and his projects have amassed more that 400,000 Facebook page likes, 9 mil- lion YouTube views, and 74 million minutes of content watched. His work has been featured on the Dr. Oz show, and he spoke in August at the Conference for Consciousness and Human Evo- lution in London. To see so many people around the world embrace Swedenborg’s message is a constant source of wonder, inspiration, and gratitude for him. He lives in Bryn Athyn with his wife Brooke and their two-year-old daughter Sydney, who gets cuter every day. B RY N AT H Y N A LU M N I M AG A Z I N E | 9