Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 4

Dear Alumni and Friends of BAC, DAVE COOPER BACAA President During our recent all-alumni reception on October 20, 2017, we snuck in another annual meeting of the Bryn Athyn College Alumni Association (BACAA). If you stopped in, you will have noticed that the tone of that event has changed to be primarily about networking and reconnection among alumni. Nonetheless, you would have also heard a five-minute Pres- ident’s Report highlighting a few ways that the association is working on your behalf. Two new BACAA directors were confirmed during the meeting, Kristin Lindsay (AA ’07) and Dylan Odhner (BA ’09), along with a change to the bylaws that will keep us in the good graces of the IRS. The new di- rectors, along with rest of our Board (namely Chara Daum (BA ’82), Kirk Hasen, Laurie Horan (AA ’76), Chloe Kund (BA ’14), Laura Nash, Calebe Nobre (BA ’05), and Lisa Parker-Adams (BA ’06)) join me in affirming the continued growth and development of Bryn Athyn College. We believe that the diversity that growth brings to the College is important and that it is both appropriate to our mission and necessary for the ongoing health of the organization. New Church values and teachings are touching the lives of young men and women as they turn the corner toward self-reliance and are helping them set a course for their future impact on the world. More of that please! In addition to representing alumni, the BACAA continues to work closely with the College in ways that will directly lead to student success. For exam- ple, our Innovation and Leadership Award is presented as a scholarship to sophomores or juniors who define, propose, and execute a project that will benefit the campus community. This year’s recipient is Laura Clymer (’18). We also sponsor three “Long Nights Against Procrastination”—organized by the College’s Swedenborg Library—to encourage students to be proactive about their studying habits, and we welcome bachelor’s degree graduates to our alumni organization with a gift and a four-year associate membership. We strive to ensure that students recognize the support they have from the alumni community and its ongoing availability after graduation. As new graduates join our ranks at an increasing pace, we have work to do to keep up our support. We hope you will participate. If you would like to offer BACAA your opinions and insights, provide mentorship in your field or life’s passion, or receive career development advice, please contact us at Also be sure to keep an eye out for the messages and publications coming from BAC Alumni Relations and Advanc VVBFfB'GVFW2FVvvRvFFR6VvR&W7B&Vv&G2DdR4U"( s$U4DTB%%D4TtRT544DBdtDU"#r