Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 32

running header CAMPUS LIFE SAGE DINING Nick Fetko (BA '16) helps tend the College Garden. Locally Sourced and Lovingly Prepared By Sasha Silverman S mells of fresh picked basil and thyme waft through the air. Squeezed lemon halves lie be- side pitchers of fresh lemonade. Hand pressed burgers sizzle on the grill, and chopped carrots slide from a cutting board into a homemade, steaming chicken stock. Although it may sound like a high- end restaurant, it’s all happening right in Bryn Athyn College’s dining hall, thanks to the new SAGE Dining service. The presence of high-quality, locally sourced, lovingly prepared food on campus has been a change that many welcome with great excitement. The choice of this new dining service stems from the College’s commitment to the total well-being of students—from the information they take into their minds, to the foods they take into their bodies. So far, the company has received high praise, especially from the College’s health-minded students and faculty. “It’s amazing,” said Assistant Athletic Director Abe Joseph. “The food is fresh and looks high qual- ity. Our whole staff eats there every day. Today I had the chicken barbecue, and it was on point.” Assistant Professor Caira Bongers (AA '80) agreed saying, “I es- pecially like the wide choice of vegetables they offer.” 32 | F A L L / W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 The Spark Of Change In 2016, when Suzanne Nelson, Sc.D., R.D. (AA '80), came to the College as assistant professor of nutrition (she now also serves as dean of students), she began looking into ways to enhance students’ overall experi- ence. Suzanne said, “I believe in dignity, respect, and listening to the student voice.” A clear takeaway from her research? High-quality food on campus would be well received. She said, “Students today have evolved to become much more sophisticated than they were 10 years ago in terms of wanting to know what’s in their food.” In addition, seeing her grandfather work as a chef in their family owned Pittsburgh restaurant, Suzanne learned at a young age that “dining is not just about the food, but about the people, gathering around a table for a meal and conversation.” The College com- mittee embraced this goal as well, hoping to find a smaller operation that “cares about the environment they create as well as the food they serve, and shares the values and philosophies of Bryn Athyn College.” Luckily, with almost two decades of experience in college nutrition and having served on various