Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 30

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT running header interclass, with a lot of different personalities, abili- ties and levels of mental awareness. It’s rare and hard work, and it’s powerful and beautiful.” At first Anna made the food, but eventually more and more volunteers pitched in to help out. Anna said, “Recently we had three fifth grade boys come. They aren’t really into gardening, but they love to cook, so they made the dinner. They used zucchini from the garden and made a chicken dish. They were so proud.” God Is In This Growing the Garden After hosting services in various parks, the Garden Church eventually found and leased an empty plot of land between two buildings. With a core crew, Anna began to build their garden and host services. Week after week, word began to spread—especially among the unhoused people in the area—that every Sunday evening you could get dinner at this outdoor spot. This welcoming spirit remains a hallmark of the Garden Church. As Anna said, “The power of this church is that it is truly interracial, intergenerational, 30 | F A L L / W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 Anna brings to the Garden Church a belief in the “sacramental nature of ev \][˸'H[[]\KB[^H%HH[ ]\[\[[۞BYܙHHYX[HYY[[H\[H^H^H]\Z\Z\%\HY\\\]X[[[[ۋ[HZY 8'[HB]X[H[Y[X\]\[\˸'HۙH[YK܈^[\KHY[HH][[˜\]Z\\[^Y\Y[HKBܘ[K[[]]X[HX\ [\و[x&\]ܚ]H]X[\ٙ\[’H\\܈[][[ۋ]]\H\XK\KB[[8&\ݙH[\H]Z[XH[ H^Z[Y 8'[H]HH[][[ۋB^K8&[ݙY[و \\HXYوYB][[K&H[[H\H\YX\[] ^H]]H[X[Z[[[B[H^YH[Y\Z[Z\ܝ[8&\ݙB܈[K\Y\\^HH[ Y\[X\HH[^Z[]H]\[[HYX[YH[][HX[[Z[]\H[H\ۈ]^H\HݙY 'B[HYY 8'^Z[]\H[H[š[H^Y\و\%[Y[YHو\[ܙB[[[Y[X\%[Z[\وHx&\H\Kx&\HY\[]X[ [HYYHY [B[[\] HYY[Y[X\] 'B][[\]\\[H^HXZ™ۈH\Y\]Y[\\ˈHZY 8'Bو\]]H\\[X\YYKBY[X\][HY\x%\ZYܜ[Y[%\HY[˸'H[HYY 8'܈Hق\]H\\\HZY[Y[8&8&BX]\[\܈[[\ˈ][[Y[KB\]H[YYHۈHXZ][[ ][[\ܜ\XKHYH\[HXH[X]]\x&\H[[K[]8&\[\[YKx&\H[[ܞK]8&\X] '