Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 27

running header ADMINISTRATION SPOTLIGHT officer, Rev. Thane Glenn, Ph.D. (AA ’92), says, “What has most impressed me about working with Roberta in admissions is that she is undaunted by the charge to bring in greater enrollment, while also being firm about holding to academic standards and mission fit.  In a few short years, she has developed a clear sense of what it will take for a student to succeed at Bryn Athyn College and—perhaps more importantly—what it will take for a student to flourish in our spiritually- focused environment.  And she manages to hold the demands of her job with a smile and a chuckle.” Happily, Roberta looks forward to continuing her work here for years to come. As a woman with a long and winding educational journey behind her, she feels she is able to identify with people who face challenges and barriers and who perhaps doubt themselves. In her own family, she has seen all four of her children go through college and find success and satisfaction in their careers. And with a magical dose of poetic justice, Roberta’s youngest, Bridget, attended Princeton for her undergraduate degree, beautifully closing the loop on an early challenge and inspiration in Roberta’s story. From the moment she voiced her affinity for higher education while looking longingly at Princeton University from her mother’s car window, to her current job in higher education, Roberta has managed to keep a steady trajectory of educational and professional progress. She has done so even while raising a family and overcoming gen- der inequalities in education and in the workforce. In part, overcoming obstacles on a consistent basis has motivated her to support others on their educational paths. She says, “It’s my great delight to help people fulfill their abilities and overcome challenges. I can re- late to people; it’s my passion to help them be the best they can be. Without my tough educational journey, I wouldn’t have the same empathy for others.” This respect, understanding, and encouragement stands out to students, colleagues, and coworkers. It’s some- thing they notice about Roberta right away and a spe- cial part of what makes her such a welcome addition to the Bryn Athyn College family. of first-year students to hear a bit about who they are and why they chose to attend Bryn Athyn College. Dakota Ulmer Commerce Township, Michigan Dakota went to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep School in Michigan, which had about 450 students. Because he was used to the small school environment, coming to Bryn Athyn felt like a good fit. He never thought he would go to college out of state; he had planned to stay in Michigan. However, when he came to campus and saw how beautiful it was, he changed his mind. Dakota says what has most surprised and delighted him is that everyone hangs out with each other. He says, “There may be social circles, but there is always someone that overlaps in each group. People are kind to each other.” Myah Phillips Chester, Pennsylvania Myah says, “I came to Bryn Athyn because I thought it had a beautiful campus and I liked that the class sizes were small. Everyone was friendly, and it felt like a comfort- able place.” She is a basketball player who has been pleasantly surprised by the fact that students are allowed to play multiple sports at BAC. So far, Myah’s favorite thing about being on campus has been getting to meet new people and experiencing things that she would not get to experience at home. Ben Griffiths Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Ben is a first-year student who transferred from Chatham College. He grew up in the New Church, and his mother hails from Bryn Athyn, so he had often visited the area as a kid. Ben attended summer camp and Tools 4 Life in high school, and decided to come to BAC because he wanted a change. He says, “I knew there were good people here and that coming to school at BAC would help me learn to be a better R( Ф"%BRrP#