Bryn Athyn College Alumni Magazine Fall/Winter 2017-18 - Page 22

23 22 13 21 15 14 12 17 16 18 20 11 10 2 3 4 5 6 19 7 1 8 9 Ray Silverman's Rise Above It class from Fall 2014 is typically supposed in Ju- deo-Christian discourse.” At Bryn Athyn College, the course first launched under the name Perspectives on the Decalogue, as a 100-level course. The stu- dents read Rise Above It as their textbook, along with a course packet that included teach- ings on each commandment from the major world religions. Over time, it became a 200-level course and has remained as such to this time. Creating A New Textbook In 2015, Ray sat down with about 12,000 reflective essays and journal entries from his students and put together a self- bound version of Rise Above It: Spiritual Development for College Students. He used it for his course in the year 2016-2017. But with exciting new material constantly rolling in, he kept revising and updating the content. He said, “I’m getting better journal en- tries than ever before because my students can read things their peers have written.” Now, Ray is incorporating the newest student stories, and working to get the book ready for publication. He envisions Rise Above It: Spiritual Development for College Students as a textbook 22 | F A L L / W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 that could be used in any uni- versity to teach religious ethics and spiritual practice. Rev. Bob Junge (BA ’52), former dean of the Theological School, who pre- viewed this proposed textbook said, “I’m very excited about this book’s potential usefulness. It is an affectional, rather than di- dactic approach, and is very ac- cepting of where students are.” Ray’s approach is a gentle one; he doesn’t try to push a re- ligious agenda. Ray explained, “When I first discovered Swe- denborg’s writings, I wanted everyone to know about them. I thought they were the greatest thing ever, like the cure for can- cer. I wanted to get people into the church. Today, I think of the church as already in people. You just have to touch it and awaken it.” He added, “We’re all afloat today in a sea of so much information and misinforma- tion. I think by awakening the students’ God-given, inner sense of what is true, and supporting it with sacred scripture, we can inspire them to be the best they can be. College students care about changing th Hܛ܂H]\\x&\H][HY BX\܈Z[H[H^B[YH[Hܛ 'BK^XHۈ  MBX[HYXH  MJBˈ][YH[B X[^XHX\K[[XHܛ  MBBˈZH]Y  MB X^H[\X[KY^HH]L X[HH  MBLKZXZH][ŒL][HX  MBLˈܙ[  MJBM X[HXۂMKYۚ\\[  MBM[\  MBMˈ\\^  MBN ]\X\H  MBNKx&[H]ۈ  MB ]YH  MBKܚ\[H\  MB[]^\  MBˈZXY[ۛ[Bܘ]]YH8'X8'BXY\Y^HX[YHX][B]\Hو[YX][ۘ[Y BX[YYو[[[H[B[Z\ۈ\]X[\\˜HX\[H[[X[ BY[ˈ^KY[][][YH\HX\[HKB\و\\[ۈ[Yܝ˂[X\ 8&LNJH[\]\Bܚ][8'[[H]X X ܈[[X[HKB[]H[ܝ[]H܂HX[\]X[]Z[[ˈ]\š[YYH[ܙH[[H[]\ۛ[x&[H\HX[B\Y[Y[H[YB^K\\[HY[HXYBYX[\[H[Z]۝[YH^H\]X[\^B]YHو\[]][ۋ'B^H\[\][BY\%[YH[X[HB]\K\H][\YقHX]\X[[&]H] B\\[܈^HH[K^H^\8'[H]YHY\XX[]H BYK[\\YHX]^H^KH[[[^\[\][\]K8&]\H\\]\x&x'HH^\8'H^H]Hܙ۝[Y\\\YK\\K[\Bۙ\[Y[ˈ[H^B]Hܙ[YHY\X[܈Hۙۙ[YK'